Ali mom advertising union increased advertising content reviewFive tips for mobile app start ups val

Ali mom advertising union increased advertising content reviewFive tips for mobile app start ups val

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builds a great product like a mother’s love and an apple pie. But it’s easier said than done. Even if you don’t get a lot of revenue, or if the user adoption isn’t up to expectations, you can say, "we’re going to stop investing in our products."." If your product hasn’t formed yet, it’s a big mistake to do so. Don’t stop investing in your product – having the product that the customer needs and wants to use is the beginning and the end of everything.

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remember a month ago, in his mother Ali forum to see a "Ali mom, you are an asshole."!" The author of the article is outraged by accusations that some of the content in the ads is vulgar. In the rectification of the country’s "vulgar wind", as a result of the vulgar content of the website advertising, the result of their website was also judged to be vulgar website, and finally led to the closure of the site. At that time, this post was quickly deleted, because there is no link to the author of this post, so it can not verify the authenticity of the post reflects the situation, of course, does not rule out malicious propaganda. However, in the "misty rain" in the hearts of a great fear, there is also an impulse, want to seriously write a request for remediation vulgar advertising initiative articles, but because it has been busy, it ran aground. Web site is not easy, want to do a good job site is not easy, the webmaster of bitterness, only the webmaster himself is the most clear. In order to do a website, soak in the site every day, did not during the day and night, actively writing original article, continue to promote their own websites, put a lot of effort for the development of the site, in the growth of websites like their children, full of endless love. If the site was forced to close because of the vulgar and advertising, you think that the webmaster can not with deep hatred and resentment?

you now have a killer level of technology, money, a growing team, and a lot of determination. But mobile applications are now overcrowded. To help you stand out in the crowd, I have summed up the experience I’ve gained over the past few years. However, these can not guarantee that you can or blockbuster is more important in this market, achieved remarkable revenue and high user adoption rate. But if you want to set up a mobile startup that can continue to grow, here are five important tips:

we spent a lot of time thinking about the features and capabilities of our products, but the only way to get your business growing is to find a correct publishing channel. Because it’s probably not enough to have an excellent product in the end, you have to push this product out. Only by word of mouth, products is difficult to achieve organic growth, its usually need some extra impetus. In this respect, I don’t believe in miracles because it takes a lot of hard work and experimentation. Several channels of distribution are available as follows: you may consider using these channels to bring your products to potential customers:

after media buying: most companies will choose this way. This is a mature and vast market, and there are at least 1 million combinations for your portfolio to gain customers and reduce costs. Remember, this is an investment, and the key to success is getting more income from each customer than the cost.

: after partners are usually divided into several large distributors and small distributors.

universal navigation network advertising, an advertising transaction termination, letter screenshot


today received universal navigation nets Ali Mama advertising alliance advertising transaction termination of certain letters, although it may be for the webmaster is a loss, but this loss is very worthwhile, because "not good for small, small and whom not to be evil" is the creed of our life, and we obey the concept of. Because Ali mom advertising union advertising content audit efforts to increase, so that the webmaster rest assured that in order to make Ali mom advertising alliance more credibility, more trustworthy.

Beijing time on July 5th news, payment class application founder Gaye · Goldstein Guy Goldstein today in the technical blog VentureBeat published a signed article. In order to help the mobile application start-up enterprise to realize sustainable development, put forward 5 tips left in this paper.

2. finds an effective distribution channel

1. builds a remarkable service,

universal navigation network Ali mother advertisement sell hot, advertising sales have been in short supply, so for the website advertising, general "misty rain" rarely care. Today I received a letter from the Ali Mama advertising alliance, is an advertising deal has been terminated, the presence of substandard content advertising target site termination reason is that the buyers do not meet the audit requirements, which rejected the billboard transaction. Screenshot as follows:

SEO search engine optimization: an unknown brand, needs a lot of investment, but also have rich knowledge in process technology,.

from this letter can realistically feel, and now Ali mother advertising Union has increased the advertising content of the audit. For some violations of national laws and regulations and policies related to the content of the site is prohibited, this is not only to protect the credibility of Ali’s mother alliance advertising, but also to protect the owner of the site.

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