Grassroots students drop out to build online training institutions turnover of billions of dollarsH

Grassroots students drop out to build online training institutions turnover of billions of dollarsH

editor’s note: 2014 China Internet entrepreneur Conference zzsenz will be held at the Beijing International Conference Center in May 10th. At the meeting held on the eve of Discuz!, Tencent cloud combined with DoNews and many other agencies and media jointly launched 2014 community billboard series of interviews, the industry’s elite business stories, business transfer and sharing of experiences to more entrepreneurs. A series of interviews with the Hefei forum, listen to the general manager Wang Hai entrepreneurial story.

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During his stay at University,

was the most industrious and thrifty student among his roommates. He often worked outside the house to earn his living expenses. He impressed me most time in leafleted too tired, dizzy to send leaflets to the urban management, urban management was arrested but also fined 500 dollars. Here he joked and laughed: "I’m a head not too flexible, luck is not very good people. I think a lot of people are the same as me. What I’m doing right now is to help those grassroots youth like me change themselves."

A: on the basis of the original promotion, increased mobile social applications online and offline publicity and promotion efforts, but also tend to promote one to one.



A:2013 years, the user’s effective use time in the mobile terminal significantly increased, we set up a mobile division in time to respond to the development trend of mobile internet. On the one hand, with the third party platform such as WeChat, micro-blog and so on to promote their own, on the other hand, to increase the mobile terminal products R & D investment of our WAP station is optimized upgrade, and shorten the iteration period of our own APP.

personnel, in 2013 we completed the set goals, the team has added a lot of operations and maintenance of members, new development projects and products need a large number of personnel maintenance. Compared with previous years, the cost of personnel has improved a lot.

many online training institutions, Xing Shuai network institute is a dark horse. A sophomore dropped out of a grassroots youth, no pulse nor money, but in 6 years to create a revenue of over 100 million yuan of online training institutions. Ground gas teaching methods, skills training in accordance with their aptitude, and all-weather instant communication make the cyber school meet the desire of many young grass roots to change their life. To some extent, the online education institute, founded by Xing Shuai, sells a kind of "inspirational service"".

below for interview record:

learning a small effect, Xing Shuai rely on the skills of graphic designers start network, undertake the design work scattered, second year Xing Shuai drop out for themselves, so the spirit father refused to talk to him again. By 2008, Xing Xing taught online, PHOTOSHOP, a rental house, a computer is his entire assets.

A: both opportunities and challenges. For the traditional local communities such as our Hefei forum, in the face of emerging social applications, we are in the same starting line, how to use social networking applications, seeking a deeper breakthrough for us, this is an urgent need to study, this is a huge challenge for us. On the one hand, seize the development opportunities of social applications, the use of social networking applications for their own First impressions are strongest, import traffic and word-of-mouth influence; on the other hand, to develop their own APP, with its own brand strength, seize the local market in the field of mobile Internet new.

Q: please give a brief account of the development of the Hefei Forum over the past year.

Q: is the emergence of social applications an opportunity or a challenge for traditional community websites?

at the beginning, Xing Shuai received only 10 yuan per class, because there are Shandong accent, students do not understand directly on the curse, Xing Shuai hit. In the beginning of the year, the average daily Xing Shuai can only give yourself 3 dollars for meals, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. lectures, lessons after class often to four or five in the morning, the rest of the 3 hours to class. One year down income of more than 30 thousand yuan. However, during the year, he found his first partner and formed a team of more than 10 people and began to enter the YY voice channel.

before the age of 26, the Shandong youth Xing Shuai has been a family in the eyes of "turn iron into steel" existence. He read 7 years of high school in 2006 was admitted to a Yunnan second-class university computer professional university, but received a notice of the moment he did not "over the daughter-in-law Aocheng woman" sense of relief, but more melancholy, because that year his sister graduated from university and found a good job. He still remembers his father saying, "in the future you won’t have half as much of your sister’s achievements."."

Q: Mobile Internet era, site diversion, promotion what changes have been made?


" is also <

University Xing Shuai still anxious, he found that weekly courses arrangement is very few, most of the time in the public course of study in some textbooks ten years do not change. Xing Shuai think future graduation still vast future, so to pay tuition fees in the name of the father asked 8000 yuan to go out of school to learn PHOTOSHOP software courses, this move was regarded as "Crazy" classmates".

website synopsis: Hefei forum is the portal community of Hefei hotline website, and it is also the first living community in Anhui. The Hefei forum was founded in 2003, after 10 years of operation, over 2 million 300 thousand registered members, average daily PV over 4 million, has become the largest integrated community forum, the largest number of users, the reputation of the best and the most perfect service to the community.

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