PriceWaiter3 electricity providers to master the behavior of EconomicsXu Xiaoping success is certain

PriceWaiter3 electricity providers to master the behavior of EconomicsXu Xiaoping success is certain

connection users are becoming more and more important in today’s Internet era. In this way, a change in the past, merchants unilaterally decide the situation, people can allow users to better participate. "He lets people slow down and become more involved shoppers," explains Andrew Scarbrough, a partner at PriceWaiter."

it’s human nature, fear of failure and shame. But the value of failure does not need to be successfully endorsed. What time can we in business success before, when it is failed to discuss the failure, calm, bright face the consequences of failure, the reason analysis failed to be confident and comfortable, is the real gain entrepreneurial courage and wisdom, we can truly worship our failure is the mother of success "".

are crucial to building trust. In 2003, a market and psychological survey showed that customers’ perceptions of brands and whether they buy them

bargaining are further weakened with the rise of Internet consumption. Customers will simply assume that the electricity supplier will offer lower prices, so online shopping is likely to shorten the time for haggling.

/ Xu Xiaoping,


I am filled with respect for everyone who came to the real fund failure Academy today. Everyone has the courage to come here and show that you are well prepared and confident enough to review and face up to the problems you have come across. There are so many sadness and loneliness in the process of entrepreneurship. When you get through the low point of these emotions, you have taken a big step forward.

, in an era where advertising and branding are becoming more and more conversational, PriceWaiter offers a more user-friendly approach to the buying experience.

entrepreneurs here, in fact, you failed to sign up at the moment of the Institute, has been in personality and spiritual strength to achieve self transcendence. Chaos, the Yangtze River, the lake, Central Europe

but recently, a company called PriceWaiter revived the bargain and became active in online shopping. PriceWaiter’s approach embodies the principles of 3 behavioral economics:


These humanistic details of

training failed to explore success. If you have experienced the pain of failure, or is still in fear of failure, you might as well take off today’s chicken soup, re burning your heart the most primitive fighting spirit.

PriceWaiter first let the merchant issue a data. Customers can choose what they like on the shopping platform. If they think the items are expensive, they only need to click PriceWaiter to bargain with the merchant. If the merchant accepts the price issued by the consumer, it will be concluded. If refused, businesses and buyers can continue other transactions. This shopping experience is mainly user oriented, making transactions more personalized.

The advantages of

most customers may have forgotten the age of bargaining. After all, that was a few centuries ago. The concept of price began in eighteenth Century, and its original purpose was to attract customers at the time with this new feature, saving time, effort, and cost. This move not only benefits consumers, even businesses feel a lot easier than before.

for entrepreneurs, only the definition of failure, failure to recognize, reflect on failure, in order to really talk about and grasp success. Now the most common discussion for failure, failure is the "past ridicule has been successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs ridicule, and failure of ashes to ashes, hardship.


business school is mostly "both winners" Dojo, but really can engage in a "Failure Research Institute", the students only have burned more than 3 million of the venture investment institutions "loser", what the hell?

leads to Losers:

although fixed prices to improve the efficiency of the purchase, saving business costs, but it also less humane experience. For example, a traditional Turkey scarf brings customers the pride of wearing exquisite handmade products. This mood, customers can not express at a fixed price, therefore, this bargaining process is the presentation of customer psychology. In addition, this can also promote communication between people and businesses, so that businesses through data more clearly customer needs.


failed Research Institute in name is research failure, but in fact, we are going to explore success. Entrepreneurship itself is a constant, endless chase, just like the essence of life. The significance of failure to start, as of death to the meaning of life, you think, how much is the philosopher to the end of life as the starting point to seek the value of life? What religion is to "born" as the ultimate goal of survival of


at the opening ceremony, teacher Xu Xiaoping shared the original intention of the failed Training Institute: the nature of entrepreneurship is like life. In the age of entrepreneurship, failure should not be a scandal that is hard to get out of, but should be a latent one. If you want to define "failure", it should be further from the success of your business.

Jobs once said, "remembering that you are going to die" is the most important maxim in his life. Before he dies, he removes all the noise and glitz and sees what is really important to him.

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