Yiqifa screen desktop software to download and install the upgrade packageT practitioners sometimes

Yiqifa screen desktop software to download and install the upgrade packageT practitioners sometimes

requires a standard

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

tail desktop software upgrades, the installation package has been updated to spread on the server, so please use the direct download promotion webmaster to download the installation package.

believes many people have heard the story:

There were three people in

many people are the same, but the results are very different. Perhaps the immediate cause is the difference in standards of selection. Don’t underestimate yourself, nor do you lower your standards. You can try to set your standards a little higher. That’s not something that can’t be achieved

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who were jailed at the same time for the same three years. Before being put in prison, the warden promised to meet every one of them. Americans like to smoke cigars, three boxes of cigars; the French romantic, to a beautiful woman accompanied; Jews asked to install a telephone for themselves.


called, before being victorious. This is also true for yourself. If you want your choice to be accurate and conducive to your own development, you need to have a deep knowledge of yourself. You have to know your strengths and weaknesses, where you are good at, or where you are not proficient. Only in this way can I demonstrate my ability in work, not wrong estimate and regret. Give yourself precise positioning, what to do, what to do, and not blindly follow.

needs a clear understanding of herself,

I always think more important than to choose, but there are few who can deeply understand, how should we choose, the result today from what happened to you yesterday, the same, the choices you make today, it will also lead to the result or consequence you tomorrow. Therefore, the choice itself is a kind of ability. The quality of this ability also indirectly or directly affects your path of development.

then, how do you make yourself precise and beneficial to yourself? The following line is designed to share some experiences and opinions with you.



, everybody:


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actually it’s hard to say whether the three of them are right or wrong, but through this simple story, we can see the importance of choice to a person. In fact, once you meet career related choices, it’s really about whether you can quickly find your place and succeed sooner. Whether you can make the right choice in your career has become a concern for many people, because in many cases choices are often greater than efforts. It might save you a few years or even longer.

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three years passed quickly, the Americans came out of the smoke; the French came out, his arms holding a child, next to a woman holding a child, also in the stomach with a child; the Jews, hold the hands of the warden said: "thank you to prison long, three years, every day I contact with the outside world, the original business did not affect. Although I have been in prison for three years, I have earned a lot of money."

for explicit selection

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