Coolies use blogs to drain but they are practicalEntrepreneurial probability increase potential m

Coolies use blogs to drain but they are practicalEntrepreneurial probability increase potential m


since the environment is the same for everyone, but why did anyone succeed, you did not succeed, to speak extremely, it all depends on people. You can’t control it, but you can at least influence it.

2, grab the sofa software transferred to the blog inside, there are updates, pop-up pop-up articles, and then you leave a message to rob the sofa.

that’s why many Angel select groups >

3, sign up for your account on those blogs, do boot work boot to the website, or directly pop or jump the code to your website.

1, the collected blog import to grab the sofa software.


blog traffic, mainly using the technique of large sofa, blog, there will be a hot celebrity blog, blog, blog ranking and so on, these blogs are very many people to visit, as long as we can intercept a part of traffic for their own use, even if it is only pop also, relax can earn tens of dollars or even hundreds of dollars a day. This work some coolies, but suitable for novice friends to learn and operate.

Paul Graham said a paragraph: "a good VC must be determined enough to quickly judge how a start-up company is, and once it is taken seriously."". Similarly, for entrepreneurs, you have to be decisive, shilly-shally often finds a market without a single success, if you want something, then decided to do a product, to have the courage to throw the helve after the hatchet execution, we said, truly a a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but how many



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drainage toil live, but very practical, there are some details to their actual summary, friends are using this method to operate all day to earn more than 200, this method is not much, in essence, the simple bidding practice to reach the acme of perfection, is the vast

entrepreneurial success is indeed a small probability event, the entrepreneurial process, the first we can not control. Who can not expect business environment, such as mobile Internet is a good opportunity for the industry, 2011 is a good time to enter this industry, but before that, who can expect the mobile Internet will be developed, a variety of mobile devices running different app, such a big change in people’s digital life, most even if some people do not know, a few people know, predicted that the industry will fire, but did not choose the right time, is likely to die earlier than the product, is a genius, as early as the two step is crazy.


1, find a can use the grab sofa software many sites have, is not difficult to find.



3, it’s better to grab the sofa, bench, and floor.

This is the

business is "devastated" people’s things, entrepreneurs need to bear more pressure, we encountered people encounter no difficulties, tangled, suffering, loneliness, but since the business wants to make these preparations stand. In the final analysis, success is the biggest factor associated with human factors,

ancient Huashan Road, unlimited scenery in the Xian Feng, rush into danger may have two results, a very bright, the ordinary people, we pursue these dull life people can not get something, another possibility is that you will die miserable, may have nothing, no partner is not

has a family. It’s possible.

The interception of

in Wangzhuan process, learn traffic skills is an important skill, no traffic, no income of. The flow of drainage technique is very much, but the third party flow, in order to get a lot of traffic, you must start from the high traffic platform to different platforms, interception, interception method is not the same, it mainly introduces the blog traffic interception, I hope to help novice friends, be passed because it has some toil, live.

a lot of people in the industry know Morningside Liu Qin, a very low-key investor, invested in many successful projects, including Sohu, Ctrip, nine, the mass media, play YY, UC, thunder, millet technology, ifeng. He said so many words in micro-blog: entrepreneurial success really is a small probability event, the 1. industry of chance and opportunity, but also enough, 2. team execution only stronger, not the strongest, 3. capital to join, also know how to do multiplication, rather than subtraction. The three superposition, such as resonance, has a chance of success. But the question is, how can such a good thing happen? What happened? Why is that you,

2, a collection of popular blogs such as Sina, NetEase, dispatch, , blogs, hot blogs, celebrity blogs, and so on.


1, in the message, do not directly leave your advertising address, or , and so on, so generally will be deleted.

4, patience,


2, the reader is to see your blog name, will enter your blog, so the blog to temptation, but have the best relationship with your products or advertising, so in your blog is the quality of flow, if pure is to waste flow, it will do some temptation.

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