My money off the tragic history of TaobaoPlanning website content

My money off the tragic history of TaobaoPlanning website content

time flies, is engaged in the Internet this line has two years. The process was important, but it turned out to be a bit miserable, without making any money. He decided to change careers, since this line is not suitable for me, why force yourself? This time inadvertently found Taobao customers, peers are coming every day every day to see hundreds of thousands of the webmaster where, but their time will be the boss because of various highfalutin excuse my pay deduction, is really very depressed.

here I would like to remind you that the larger the site scale, the more difficult it is to maintain it. Slowly, you will find that can be fixed, to maintain the update, in fact, only a few columns only, other columns are less updated, those who update the column low, so it became tasteless. Not only that, the content will be very difficult to find, the user does not have the patience to like you rushed to the 4 level directory continue to find things, they will choose to leave, generally a medium-sized personal website directory is not more than three class

to make a personal personal website, first of all to clear their content planning.

many friends began to do web site when ambitious, the site of the column suddenly opened a lot of, one level directory, there are two levels of directory, two directory, there are three levels of directory. For example, there are jazz, rock and roll, folk songs in the music column…… There are 10 categories, and jazz, Cool, Fusion, BigBand, Acid, and so on.

This principle is also suitable for

but the mood is only temporary. In less than a week, there is good news. My website has been included in many large websites and the number of visits to the website has soared. But at the same time also encountered a thorny problem, I put a drop right by the website of K plus Links, cause I was retreated by K, it is extremely urgent, but things have a solution, anxious useless. Although this problem has not been solved at the moment, it is fortunate that we have experienced it before and experienced it. I also want to remind the webmaster here, when adding Links can be extremely careful ah, finally this paper from the first reprint please indicate taobao shopping:, welcome to discuss learning

personal website, after all, from time to time commercial website portal, if you do not have a team to do, the portal is not a good choice, big and whole as small and fine.

, if you don’t know what type of website you want to do, you can refer to a large number of other people’s Web sites. At first you don’t understand, it doesn’t matter. Look, you know,

For a variety of reasons,

C/ content adhere to the original

A/ meets her personality,

‘s current blog flooding is that materials and content have never been more convenient, but I still encourage you to make your own stuff. When it comes to originality, I can’t help recalling that when a Chinese individual has just made a stop, every individual station has a great number

One of the consequences of

sites. What type of Web site do you belong to? A resource download station? An online community? A website that provides specialized information? Or is it a personal website that reflects your personal interests? Different types of websites have different approaches! The design of layout and resource costs are not the same, such as download requires a lot of space post behavior should be despised, this behavior should not be, not in this column

The process of waiting for Oh!

resigned from the job and ran Taobao wholeheartedly. When I started working hard, I spent all my hard money on space and domain names. Because of his university’s programming, so this is very confident, not thinking about online free software, the website is made out of people, so in the construction site to spend a lot of thought. It took me only one week to record the data. Because they do not have a record number, you have to wait for the record number, and then upload your own program. More than a month to wait, but also let me find another part-time job, is similar to the website editor, but also let me earn some pocket money.

what kind of website to do, but also with their personality and interest, hobbies, special skills have a great relationship. Don’t do what you don’t like to do in order to follow the fashion, so the site won’t be your fun, but it’s a drag, and you can’t keep it up. There’s more to this. Please visit here: the website works

BBS, if a community started suddenly out of the ten plate, even if one day there are 20 stick, dispersed in a plate of the whole BBS Not the least trace was found., looked desolate. For a long time, the confidence of participants will blow, with promotion of forum please see Yue for your "how to make a

B/ scale is not large and all

There are many different types of

was a bit hard, but it was a happy day when the filing number came out. Feel that their hard work is not in vain, I did not expect a good pile attached to a building, one day, when I was on the Internet, open my website to see, actually sold a cell phone, it is a bit hard work, a harvest. Then, I will continue to increase the original site every day, of course, the site can not relax the chain, but this month’s harvest is empty, I really do not know what to do later.


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