Linktech two new on line advertisers welcome everyone to putGrassroots webmaster how to local webs

Linktech two new on line advertisers welcome everyone to putGrassroots webmaster how to local webs

site is the blue ocean, the competition is small, large portal to attend to the promotion of the get in by every opening, relatively easy, once formed, easy to form a reputation and repeat, later by the search traffic restrictions, the key point is, to make full use of and mining in their own local network resources, to find their own sense of belonging and achievement find a sense of belonging to their relatives and friends, career identity! Grassroots entrepreneurship, where a web site can be used as your first choice.

industry: one is their relatives and friends are familiar with the industry, for example, I chose a few friends in the tourism industry, easy to see the effect; two is suitable for the network communication industry, such as real estate, tourism; three is to do a comprehensive and community portal, cover and contain everything.

region: as the hand, the best community portal in the delineation of the appropriate size, regional familiar, easy to control, now the number of any county netizens also should be more than ten thousand, for the industry in the county station, if the market is too small, can be considered a.

League address: http://s.>

1, select the The

* advertisers Name: available network www.keede

* advertisers: available network developed the most advanced and easy to use online glasses wear simulation test system, the classification of goods according to the international advanced experience of the original, intelligent query, intuitive website navigation and simple shopping process etc. China, create first-class online shopping experience. Available network management products are regular channels introduced by the original genuine goods, has a perfect replacement, return and after-sales service system. In addition, we can get the network with a number of well-known domestic online payment and logistics services business cooperation, to ensure the customer online purchase process safe and secure, real-time tracking of orders through the advanced Internet technology, and to ensure the security and confidentiality of each customer’s data.

* 4Standard:

* 4Standard: each guide a seller successfully registered, pay 2.5 yuan

, 4 teams: technology, market, three people can edit, earlier you said I a person to do it alone. After all, the grassroots are not alone here? But has a mature and excellent team can let you go further, more comfortable life.



3 site types: one is suitable for local products, specialty sales, or foreign outstanding products in the county distribution, the best combination of entities to do not store and local product shop joint distribution, according to the traditional CPS Commission, after their own portal to the industry, should develop their own the store, combined with the network and the entity is the most promising; two is the industry station, to the forum mainly focus on two types of real estate, and tourism, to publish information on the local rental, buy a house, the owner, every day, these are some travel experience; travel routes, reviews are suitable for network communication. Easy to produce content, to buy a house now and where to play the city people to discuss the two most topics, and real estate and tourism advertisers generally have strength, easy to pull sponsorship; three Of course, the local portal community, and can be as a lifelong career site, do a monopoly of local websites.

for the transformation of local sites, there are several suggestions:

5, publicity: first, search engines, >

is a grassroots webmaster, most people, to master the use of technology to do several websites can live very moist, but when asked what I do around the acquaintance, asked me which unit, when I say, your website people stunned, I also lost, family members do not understand, do not think to do something serious. Taobao website, guest flow station no longer can not make money, as his life career! I think the easy transition is the grassroots webmaster do local site, local industry and local community portal station.

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