Talk about your experience with League promotionSina blog blocked Taobao links thousands of Taobao

Talk about your experience with League promotionSina blog blocked Taobao links thousands of Taobao

I started contacting the league during the middle of 06. I haven’t done it before. I don’t have any experience. But because they have done personal Adsense, done a lot of union advertising, so it is clear what the webmaster is thinking, what they want?. But in the beginning I have encountered many setbacks, when I started a music class is responsible for product promotion, because of low prices, low CTR, code less, even for many webmaster friends are not willing to hang the code, even some webmaster barely hanging up, click rate is too low, the owners feel do not make money, hanging two days off.

this question has been confused, I 10 days, today I updated Sina blog, inadvertently click on their promotion of product links, but the result is half a day did not respond. Click again, or no response. Take a closer look, I do not know when to start, Sina has Taobao to promote the link to the shielding. Details are available: Screenshot as follows:

just recently, suddenly found Taobao customers income steep drop, from the original average per day more than 70 yuan dropped to 20 to block, low when less than 10 yuan.

because there were a lot of similar advertising, such as Nigeria Union, mop alliance and so on, a click on the music products was 2 cents, mop union advertising a click is 4 cents, and I was analyzed, if the erotic nature of our music code and mop the ad code in the same a website, 100 people in at least 4 people click mop advertising, also is the webmaster generated revenue of $0.16, and our music product code 100 individuals to go up to 2 people to click, is for the owners to produce only 0.04 yuan of income. The difference between the two times 4 times profits, just to make money for the webmaster, will not choose our union advertising.

was gone

please pay attention to the link in the lower left corner. Is there less

1: increase the product code style

1: efforts to increase the flow of affiliate products

BBS promotion, alliance promotion, traffic exchange promotion, these three kinds of promotion is I have done the longest, is also the most familiar promotion. Forum promotion and traffic exchange, I have mentioned a lot of articles before. Because of the League promotion, the audience is relatively small, I have not written, but today or share with you. As an alliance staff, how to promote the alliance’s products, so that the owners put?.

felt really very difficult, suffered some setbacks, often leading to complain about a variety of problems, but I read an article "Fang Xingdong Internet business five core issues: the key to success can also be fatal" before I see light suddenly, what if things are so good to do, I do not have to do, just find someone in the company on the line. From then on, I have more plans in mind, and I have done the following for the promotion of music alliance.

on the Internet often can see some personal Adsense write their own experience in league advertising, say which alliance price is high, which alliance does not buckle what amount. This article is mostly some union invited gunmen written text, and once propaganda easy ADMIN5 cooperation a soft contest, I also participated in, also won the ranking, won 100 yuan bonus and a t-shirt. I don’t share today’s experience with any affiliate advertising. I’d like to share with you how to promote the alliance.

is it a season problem? Net friends no longer buy my promotion products, Taobao button, a number of conjecture, a number of questions have been hovering in my mind.

first say, I started from the end of 08 trying to use Sina blog to do Taobao promotion, at that time to do Taobao customers is not much, after simple SEO operation, basically can guarantee 1500-2500 monthly income. Although not a lot of money, but for a monthly salary of only 2000 of the wage earners, it is still a good income. It lasted until the beginning of this year.

Advertisement for music products when

as a warning for the future, thinking of emergency countermeasures at present, I can do is the high quality of blog promotion link my all in my Taobao guest website Taobao crown shop Daquan tbhgdp/. If any friend has a good way, please add 893383818 to tell me, thank you. Finally, I suggest similar friends and I quickly check, modify their Sina blog promotion address, minimize the loss.

something must be wrong with me. I’ll start the investigation immediately. Where exactly is the problem?. The first thing I think about is the search engine rankings for those products I’ve made. Carefully check again, the original good to maintain the product keywords ranking has not changed, and the new words have a good ranking. It seems that the problem is not traffic.

, this move is really great, I have worked so hard to keep so many words, I can not play its due role. At this time I am excited and angry, excited is confused half long finally found the answer to the question, who is Sina this trick too hard, my broken rations ah.


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