Dongsheng grass root how to borrow money the right hand left hand occasion from businessKorean ven

Dongsheng grass root how to borrow money the right hand left hand occasion from businessKorean ven

1. Analyzing strengths: what are the selling points?

in the field of Internet in Korea, what is happening, or will happen? China Internet BAT, South Korea has what? P2P, O2O in South Korea as hot? What South Korea’s venture capital and entrepreneurs think, when they talk about China, a huge market for the 1 billion 400 million people, and how ambition and


services, there is need for people to provide services! As the grass root, we lack the specific skills, will build a website, not SEO, not art, not design…… if we follow this thinking down himself to death, will be to abandon the "counter attack"

South Korea’s first portal search site Naver Daum and the rising star KAKAO merged, the South Korean Internet market as giant, leaving only the merged Kakao and Naver two.

in this era, to money no money, no contacts to grass root contacts in the seemingly poor and blank when money left, the end of hills and rivers, and the right occasion, out of a grass root counter attack road? In fact, to counter attack, need is a calm heart and clear mind I! To talk about now, the grass root counter attack, and no technology, start empty-handed poineering process


we want to do is very simple, to provide them with orders, these people after processing, hand over to you, you give your customers, you act as an intermediary role.


! !

the Internet is not only one of the greatest miracle we create in the information age, it will be the human life in all aspects of basic necessities of life, together, it will be the world’s hundreds of millions of different colors, different races, different people of different backgrounds to attract a virtual world.

make the difference!

1. Korea’s Internet landscape and venture capital trends

actually, do the business, your location, is the marketing personnel, to persuade customers to choose your cooperation, let the customer provide a deposit, then you use the deposit, leveraging these professionals, to provide you with the service, after completion, you let the customer money, money, you give it some aid to settlement.

so far, TheVentures investment in Korea layout of more than 30 start-up companies, covering areas related to mobile Internet, Internet banking, electronic business platform, games and IT technology. In addition to giving money to the investment, TheVentures told Sina Technology: "he still has a particularly important task – to give the enterprise a certain degree of incubation support and market development assistance.". Now, after a lot of their investment, companies are focusing their attention on china.

TheVentures is a venture capital organization in Gangnam District, Seoul, Korea, where the founders were the founder of VIKI and Vingle, South Korea’s Internet Co. In January 2014, they launched a fund that focused on investing in early-stage Internet projects – TheVentures, which was successfully transformed by entrepreneurs into investors.

, for example: build websites, do logo design, SEO, and so on….

earn more, earn less, is your own marketing ability; but in this way, can be a long time to do, even after you have a customer base, and a stable cash flow, can consider the customer service staff hired to help you deal with customer reception, as long as you can to control direction.

The rise and development of ?

Korea KAKAO’s chat tool kakaotalk KaKao is owned by Naver game subsidiary NH>


company sells what? In general, business website construction, network marketing, network marketing, SEO soft and some other things, sometimes involves some graphic design things; on the whole, the company’s business content, belongs to the service industry

, after positioning the company’s direction, you should position yourself.

in fact, your customers do not care about is not your own services, he cares about is that they get something, whether you are happy or not! This way, you can find a lot of business to do,


Naver is taken from "Navi", meaning "Navigating people". Service began in 90s and is still the number one portal in korea. Sina Technology note: similar to China’s sh419 + Sina

then at AlphaGo and Li Shishi’s Duel after the end of the interview, Sina hopes to help the enterprises to enter the South Korean investment China venture capital TheVentures, they talked about the current pattern of the Internet from South Korea, said the future trend of their judgment, also focused on the market for China views, and may bring the suggestions in the future the South Korean company China.


analysis is good, after selling what, we go to those who need the professional skills of cooperation, you can!

The name

focus on China is not a simple reference and wait and see, but prepared to have 1 billion 400 million people in the big market in the meat to eat. Compared to the distant United States, whether large or cultural environment, psychological, South Korean entrepreneurs feel Chinese much more cordial, but everything seems to be not so easy to imagine, to Chinese market food plan road resistance and long.

two, thinking about the future: who’s going to work,

three, cool analysis: what do you do,

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