About love for Shanghai text links some conjecture

About love for Shanghai text links some conjecture

first, after a major update in December 7th Shanghai love of the chain, December 14th again big update

second, love Shanghai for text links to crawl, is repeating yesterday’s tips, it prefers the front crawl peer text url. Wrap (end. Is love) of Shanghai as a separate, but a colon (:) comma (,) such as delimiters are ignored by Shanghai love, of course, the space is properly ignored. Of course, this is not 100%, love Shanghai and grab a small probability of other characters, but most of the time we maintain this text link format; (a separate line) XXX (you want to grab the text (XXXX) corresponding to the URL you want, of course is the text type, not a hyperlink) is able to love is a better Shanghai grab.

for love Shanghai for several now grab the link corresponding text algorithm extends the conjecture of.

to tell you the truth, the December 7th update is 14, can only be a query, but also at least ask a few friends, they say, and the 14 day update, one of the earliest found friends say yesterday, okay. Love Shanghai outside the chain of tools more and more awesome is a good news, at least than Shanghai did not always see love and a tattered integrity promotion website look but is not cheating because the promotion of K to the more meaningful.

third, with URL for the text in the form of a hyperlink, love Shanghai may also grab the corresponding text corresponding to the text, but the corresponding grasp is really awful. Such as: XXX original, xxxx (URL link) released. When such links crawl, love Shanghai would grasp issued this word to do hyperlinks corresponding to the word, this is really dumbfounding. But because this person lazy, don’t want screenshots above, so I will not give you the map, we are interested can go to study.

second, the sudden force of love Shanghai outside the chain of tools let me think of Shanghai Google still love optimization tool Comrades, you know, love.

today and cheap hand to check the chain under the hands of a few sites, with love in Shanghai outside the chain of tools to check, then, and found a new problem.

first, this seems to love Shanghai crawl rules is still adjusting, to tell the truth, this is really no way to grab a good show this link to the value of love, if Shanghai has been prepared with such ground near joke grasp rules of words, estimated Shanghai Longfeng er who can love Shanghai drowned slobber. In fact, for such a simple grasp rules come up with corresponding countermeasures is also too simple, love Shanghai algorithm certainly need to change, people think that even if Shanghai does not love URL corresponding to the keyword extraction from the content, the article from the title or URL corresponding to the title of the article (personally think that this idea is good, hehe) to intercept text corresponding to the url.

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