A good web site optimization process which requires the quality of editing

A good web site optimization process which requires the quality of editing

second, the need to consider the user experience of reading writing. On the ability to integrate resources only to the basic conditions of search engines provide valuable information, then we see second points, the final group is of course we face our users, the user is actually an entity, is a thinking is normal, non judgmental concepts so in writing in the process of taking a veteran perspective to analyze and the user can not always forget reading experience, for example, an article has very high value, but paragraph division is not clear, level of confusion, a lot of ordinary people can not understand, this is not respect the reading demands of the user, it is rational. The best for the reasonable section, the appropriate time to add the appropriate images to help users understand the contents of the article, for difficult concept or >

first, the ability of information resources integration keen. At present, with all the changes in love Shanghai algorithm, in the station for the quality requirements increase, most of the time we have referred to the original white hot point, here I want to say is a professional editor, good writing skills is the basic quality, but keen ability to integrate resources is the key to understand why. Most of the time? We require text quality, quality here often refers to the original article, but in many cases, especially for some industry portal, you have to write a lot of original articles every day? Is clearly not realistic, in this case, the author thinks that we must first understand what is original is never on the Internet? There have been no clear definition of the original article, we go in the process of operation is also very handy, mainly reflected in the channel resources Information collection, through the love of Shanghai news source, industry website, portal website for your site related information collection, after collecting the data, to an industry two times for information processing, including their own thoughts and ideas for this article to grasp, to some point of view can be appropriate into their thinking. Finally, with a view of the industry a detail, and an organization experiences sentiment writing their own high quality articles, process, this process is the integration of resources Qucuqujing, into their analysis of events occurred or are in the book or write their own unique vision, this is without a doubt belong to the high value of original works own unique website.

as everyone knows, the site optimization process is a gradual process, in this process we have a lot of details should be considered, such as the station in continuous updating operation of the value chain construction of the station anchor text construction, website structure optimization, URL optimization details need to be dealt with, the author today is the station optimization especially for a web page editor what we need to do the basic work and everyone to do a simple web page editor is shared, at the helm of the entire contents of the construction of the professional degree will directly affect the search engine to determine the site quality, well we continued into the theme of short gossip.

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