Fan Zhuo national plan depth analysis Shanghai love love Shanghai red

Fan Zhuo national plan depth analysis Shanghai love love Shanghai red

design what is the "love Shanghai red, not winning he will also guide you to a search box, search for a keyword, so imperceptibly, let Shanghai people use love every one more used to love Shanghai, let not used love the people of Shanghai, to develop a habit of love Shanghai use the correct. Brief summary: there are problems to all the people of Shanghai love a habit, love Shanghai.

there is love Shanghai in the "love Shanghai red" campaign, in fact not so much in should, because the interface has the following red Yao point 100, send Dangdang and other shopping vouchers, which in fact is to the online store and then advertise, the details of which I do not know, but there is certainly a cooperation in the inside of the ingredients, so that Shanghai is not sure how much money in it.

new year, businesses are doing the traditional channels of every hue of promotional activities on the network, the cell phone also not idle, Sina, Tencent, love Shanghai in doing their own activities, to the best opportunity in this achievement to make one.

of course is to let everyone use a habit of love Shanghai development platform, participating in activities of the page design is to love Shanghai platform form, that is using such a chance to love Shanghai red activities, let the majority of Internet users used to love Shanghai platform, let everyone accept a platform focused on the introduction of this love Shanghai, in order to better promote the development platform in the late love Shanghai.

fell in love with the sea is really awesome, a whole love Shanghai red, today to talk about this "love Shanghai red" of the depth of content.

first, the year is near, working in a big city white-collar, blue collar and other senior personnel in long-term work in city are returned to their homeland, which is from the city back to the town or village, close to the computer, digital products sales is a season, whellole most code computer products are accompanied by these it often contact the people returned to the level two and level three county towns, which will further promote the county and rural market computer penetration rate, then pull with the cable, then to the Internet, this time the "love Shanghai red power is present, with so many prizes for the introduction, let the the big city of Shanghai to popularize senior talents to rural and county, let love Shanghai more covering every corner of the China. This simple summarized as: "love Shanghai red" as the carrier, returning talents for the city channel, towns and rural group for the audience, increase the share of love in Shanghai Chinese market.

"love Shanghai red", involved in the method is very simple, but it is also.

with the development of the Internet, regardless of any industry, any scale enterprises and companies, we pay more attention to the effective communication with his clients. How to design a simple activities let the audience can participate enthusiastically in, and spend the least cost, best effect.

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