Four effective methods for fast exchange chain of local tourism website

Four effective methods for fast exchange chain of local tourism website

, through the QQ plus group to find relevant industry QQ group

second, exchange site search related sites through the chain chain. This method is also a lot of people are in use, before a lot of people love to buy Links Ali cloud, Ali cloud affected Scindapsus algorithm, very few people to buy links, so most of the people or by the friends of the chain site to exchange chain, such as webmaster helper network and go9go link platform. The platform can be customized to search relevant types of chain sites, to the webmaster is very convenient, but also eliminates the need for the webmaster to a >

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for example: I now through the chain QQ QQ group search local travel website, first author QQ click on the control panel to find contacts, click Add group after input "this four word tourism chain" in the search, and then click on the search and there will be a lot of travel website chain related group. But this group is very targeted, and then find the words with active click join, ready for a little more than 100 QQ group, is not recommended to add, finally agreed to wait for him and into the group exchange chain.

recently had been responsible for the local tourism website optimization, in the process of optimization of the local tourism website in addition to write text and release the station outside the chain, the second is to the local tourism website in exchange for several high weight Links, in fact in the optimization of the local tourism website, Links exchange is an essential daily optimization the Links, although the effect is not significant, but the exchange type and the same type of chain, greatly small effect is still there, but the time required for a period of time will appear.

during this period of time to exchange travel website of a chain, the author found that many owners are not the rapid exchange of Links, and part of the webmaster do not know what to the local exchange chain, so today I will place tourism websites Link Exchange work to do a summary, also let the webmaster master a plurality of exchange tourism website link method, the author has a total of four methods can effectively exchange the chain of tourism Webmaster Help, four effective methods for rapid exchange chain website following the author of local tourism.

first of all, through the QQ group to find relevant industry QQ group. QQ webmasters may be familiar with it, looking for friends of the chain way through the QQ group is the most appropriate method, can be in QQ search in the search by keywords and groups, and then find the group and their own website related types, generally as long as the group will pass, the friends of the chain QQ group wish the more people the better, so the webmaster in group to find a travel website belongs to the QQ group, and if the active chain group, this will play a certain role.

Through the Links search platform chain related

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