Forwards not pay attention to the operation of Shanghai Dragon

Forwards not pay attention to the operation of Shanghai Dragon

Is the study of the search engine to adjust the

4, Shanghai dragon operation. Here is related mainly in the relevant content, not a theme links. That is not related, or a proportion of problems. For example, your site theme is Hefei Shanghai dragon, then you are in the content construction in Hefei Shanghai dragon related content, such as other aspects of life as a theme, not overwhelming. Import links also pay attention to a relationship, high-quality external links factor correlation.


website called Shanghai dragon popular point, make the site to get good rankings. Then, adjust the striker here think that is the story of a Shanghai dragon manipulation. A search engine to Shanghai dragon operating practices, on the other hand, is not conducive to the search engine of Shanghai dragon manipulation.

2, Shanghai dragon regular operation. Often here is mainly manifested in the structure of the website often change site title, description often modify etc.. Whether the website structure or site title or maintain its stability is necessary. Especially for the new station, the weight itself is not stable enough, if often modify these factors weight higher proportion, will greatly reduce the search engine on your trust, Hefei Shanghai Longfeng site early site had occurred to modify the site title and was briefly in love with the sea right down the search engine.

3, Shanghai Longfeng arbitrary operation. Arbitrary here is mainly manifested in the internal links to any. Mentioned forward before the construction of the internal links in the article, good internal link structure are included and assign weights to web page, and vice versa. Especially the anchor text links to the spider is particularly important, in accordance with the link to crawl the entire site, the anchor text to a certain extent, tell it along the links down what content to grab. At the same time, any direction would cause the website structure is not clear, easy to cause the bad phenomenon of Shanghai dragon link bombs.

1, Shanghai dragon operation rules. The law is mainly reflected in the content of irregular update, Links irregular add, external links and irregular change etc.. The search engine is crawling on spider to grab the Internet page, unless you are like this Sina site search engine spiders "Dundian" will specially assigned, the vast majority of the site is a regular spider crawling, when it is not the law rules and you, will make it produces a bad impression do you think the site is not stable enough or do you use black hat techniques in Shanghai dragon.


we can control, some factors can’t be controlled, that striker has to do is to avoid inferior optimization, optimization of your Shanghai dragon manipulation. Finally, by the Hefei website promotion (贵族宝贝anhui Shanghai dragon.Org) original, reproduced retain links, thank you!

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