Ah Bin five Shanghai dragon ER daily work must be done

Ah Bin five Shanghai dragon ER daily work must be done

IIS log: every day must look. Don’t look at small IIS logs, which There is much fineness in. Because the return by IIS status code to adjust the site condition. For example, the return status code is 404, it means you appear dead links, in a timely manner to writing ROBOTS shield the dead link, if it is to return to 303, then you didn’t update the pages, need to adjust the page updated, and the key is the number of visits. If the situation is to reduce the possibility that the website right down. Need to check the site adjustment.

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Shanghai Longfeng work can be said to be a long-term and "huge" project, in order to enhance the stability of ranking or need to spend every day work to maintain. The importance is not stressed, I think a lot of people are clear. As a qualified Shanghai dragon ER daily maintenance work is ranked what? Five must do here we take a look at the Shanghai dragon ER every day at work:

I have said is the most independent Shanghai dragon ER, certainly not saying like this, this is a personal experience. After all, there is a team to do, editing and the chain Commissioner, so I would not need to do this work.

2. see

1. test sites in their data: there are rankings, included, the chain (a total of YAHOO snapshot, and outside the chain of home import there is love Shanghai DOMIAN), another is Links (if this is a friend to do, can check to reduce the workload). These data are basically a qualified Shanghai dragon ER must do every day, can pass the feedback back a lot, and then adjust the work, maintain the stability of the good rankings.

3.: editor to edit articles more needless to say, the search engine is always love original content, if you want to do is to edit the articles carefully, even false original intentions to also want to edit.

4. of the chain: main Links, soft paper submission, forum posting, replies, blogs and other

5. site traffic statistics antecedents: do the result of optimization is to increase the user to increase sales, so these sites carrying the flow of data will be observed every day. Because some key words online does not necessarily achieve the desired effect, and some long tail word but gave us a lot of help, so we should optimize the timely tracking do analysis to adjust the site.

The increase of

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