Comprehensive and accurate analysis of your competitors is the first step to do the Shanghai Dragon

Comprehensive and accurate analysis of your competitors is the first step to do the Shanghai Dragon

webmaster encyclopedia and love Shanghai two Wikipedia is a very good example, their.

analysis of keywords ranking

first is the strategic view, is to see the overall quality of the site as a whole, including the following aspects, loading speed, color collocation, document quality, layout, contents, which does not represent more technology and data, but sometimes some degree of heart surface phenomenon can reflect the overall the quality of a site and webmaster. But there are also some dumpster do very beautiful, this kind of situation has, but only a few alone. The general situation of the overall quality of the web pages or owners of the effort is proportional to the relationship.

analysis of external links


Shanghai dragon’s aim is to make the site to get more traffic, and thus have more income, so get more traffic in this stage, not the thing to do is to analyze competitors, after all, can grasp some information of competitors to give some help to our optimization, whether in confidence in the strategic level, or technical knowledge, have merit. Today to talk about the first step ahead of the competition, if a thorough analysis of your competitors.

do not check the number of directly included, for some sites, although the collection of tens of thousands of, or even hundreds of thousands, but this is not the most important, does not mean it website is relatively high. We want to see is his whole number included, if a page of the whole collection is very good, the overall number of included can reach 80% or even higher, so that this site weight is very good or very good architecture. This point is we need to study the opponent.

analysis included the proportion of

analysis of internal links

external links is an important indicator of a website, when we query a keyword competition difficulty, will first check the home page ranking website external links number, when the number of their external links when the number of quality in general, in general, we are very fortunate, confidence will relax, do not trust in yourself the technology, but relatively less competition, so we do Shanghai Longfeng cost becomes small, it is equivalent to increasing profit. Therefore, the external links must be checked, and carefully check, check every, whether the chain or black chain;



The overall quality of

check in another important aspect is the analysis of key words, keywords ranking directly reflect the weights of the site. Some PR high site, included many, but the ranking ability is not strong, so also do not reflect the weight. On the other hand, do not just look at page keyword ranking, the more need to see the page keyword ranking. If the inside pages of keywords ranking is good, then the competitors must be very strong.

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