Automatic monitoring of Web site keywords ranking Python

Automatic monitoring of Web site keywords ranking Python

1. unless a large amount of data on the hard disk to bring pressure (such as analysis of daily number G logs, etc.) or bring as much data can think are recorded. Because of the demand is changing, if the data can be fully prepared against want.

if in learning to understand the place, the article comments can be made, if free will try to help.


for a web site is slightly larger, often have many keywords every one cycle of monitoring their ranking, in order to analyze the effect of Shanghai dragon, and determine trends and so on noble love Shanghai baby.

has a key lies in the automatic data collection and the question of whether or not. If often use the noble baby Analytics analysis of the data should be felt, the data analysis needs are diverse, only have various dimensions prior to perfect data, with the original idea for analysis, and not limited by the lack of data. Like the noble baby Analytics excellent tools fully automatic these data will be collected, to analysis Shanghai Longfeng traffic for the diversification of foundation. Similarly, if more free to say when you want to analyze the historical data to record as many species, as if these daily work, it will take a very long, so the automatic collection reflects its importance.

2. above, unless a great amount of data, or to "

program needs

The existing

for the DIY Python script in the Linux system can be put in crontab (system level tasks), timing run automatic data collection. Then when needed, and then another script to deal with the original data, analysis of the various dimensions. Generally required for low configuration VPS Linux system, a total of not more than 100 lines of Python code (Windows can achieve these, but relatively trouble).

is not going to spend a lot of effort to write the program itself from this article, after all, is some books on the content. The need to learn is to use the built-in function, and some module is used, especially pycurl, re, threading these slowly familiar.

and then a more detailed analysis of the demand. Here I summarize some principles:

monitoring ranking is the main solution is to use commercial software Rank Tracker, but it also has some not so ideal place. For example, almost all existing software problems, the function is not flexible. It is one of the biggest drawbacks it must find a system with a graphical interface (because it is Java, there are many versions of the operating system, so it is not necessarily Windows).

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