love mules one way link is one of the important factors in Shanghai Dragon

love mules one way link is one of the important factors in Shanghai Dragon

3, outbound links should not be too much, general home a few can, all good things are not too much, the only bad, you should understand this truth.


1, outbound links must be related to the authoritative website.

This paper provided by

unidirectional links derived the following precautions.

, I love mules original link: 贵族宝贝admintk贵族宝贝/a/20110209/39.html, please indicate the link.

use a metaphor to illustrate the importance of the outbound links, if you do know some of the Shanghai Dragon (one-way link to the Shanghai site, Longfeng) you probably also do Shanghai dragon, if you know only, Wang Tong’s Shanghai dragon circles of the people, then you probably also more authoritative.

was affected by the domestic Shanghai Longfeng environment, the current domestic webmaster have pity chain like gold, especially the novice webmaster, it is actually very good, reasonable export link is not only harmless, but useful.

do this, derived link no problem.

can enhance the effect of the export link Shanghai dragon, but we also can not be derived, in general we can appropriate to derive several authoritative site links. We often see some weight loss website will give weight to love Shanghai encyclopedia links, some women site will give YOKA, Amy, Tencent such as female outbound links, some education sites will give Tencent education, Sina education link, Shanghai Longfeng site will give the blog link to Shanghai dragon WHY, ZAC, is this why, you will find that the station as a guest of the Taobao website, but also to the Ali Mama derived a link.

2, not only the home page to have links, pages also have the appropriate link.

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