How to write the soft Wang Tong article analysis

How to write the soft Wang Tong article analysis

you Shanghai dragon Er Hello, in fact, for our Shanghai dragon, we think to write articles, update the site is not a problem, even a lot of friends say, I write the word like spring, a get out of hand, in fact, many of our webmaster to write is a running account, not so attractive, in Mr. Wang Tong’s article but can achieve good marketing results, not only because of its reputation, but because the article is really worth learning our place. Today, we analyze a soft Wen Wang Tong teacher, the self treatment of cervical spondylosis. (the love Shanghai search) by carefully reading her analysis of the following aspects: fat

note: the first section is short, not long winded, free, effective, easy to show to the user.

3) cervical spondylosis treatment method

note: be sure to put the cause of illness and comprehensive analysis, the analysis is correct, because it can make patients find patients feeling, just like to leave a message with you, or even buy your product.

this is a great help for many consumers, because there is something wrong with the number of cervical IT gens, and emotional readme, more narrow interest groups of cervical spondylosis, reading.

1) the first paragraph, personal emotion readme, how to cervical spondylosis.

4) products to do it, you can provide entrance.

This is one of

how to control, regulation, refinement method is simple and effective, point out the key points, write the more detailed the better, to list items, specific steps, from the cause of illness, one correspondence, led to the recommended products.

through the analysis of the causes of cervical spondylosis formation, and more patients with cervical spondylosis cervical spondylosis closer relations, let the name of the treatment of cervical spondylosis following methods, is very effective for their cervical spondylosis, so as not to let it out.

products appear to be 1-2, in passing, to the readers the impression, and provided below the product’s official website or other store address, so that users can have further details about the entrance.

6) copyright limitation, the author and source must take.

note: must correspond to the reason of disease, and natural products, not hype products.

the last paragraph is very important, we must return to the original method to share self treatment, share or give some suggestions, so that patients can not spend money to cure, not only the white line, also played down the obvious degree of advertising.

2) analysis of the causes of cervical spondylosis, bad habits – specific.

Wang Tong’s smart, you can own more thinking.


5) last advice on writing text ads dodge.

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