Choose do keyword optimization four steps

Choose do keyword optimization four steps

fourth, reasonable control keywords layout.

third, do good keyword placement.


second, put the position on key words.

in the optimization of the site, not blindly from other competitors choose words began to busy, keywords index query can not be simply the most popular choice is to do. We must first understand the site of the "quality", a new popular keywords upper degree of difficulty is quite large, early we have to do is to lead, rather than direct office. To the enterprise market positioning, user groups, keyword selection is relatively easy to optimize, and then through here for the audience and the accumulation of unpopular word website traffic, and then launched the website main keywords, the order here must understand.


first, choose keywords, location selection.


we all know website optimization website to often change, and said here is not to adjust the adjustment of revision, but keywords. When the number of keywords and content can’t be network >

placement title to do content page to do, to do, to do the chain, pictures also do, of course there is also a relative attention density, but due to different provisions of different industries in the optimization of several years experience the author found that as long as the keywords appear, even more than the official data there is not much impact. The position will be put to put keywords, so you can make spider more understanding of the site condition. Standing outside the chain to choose keywords to do anchor text link, and the station is not only the content to do before I said are in moderate fusion.

how fast do the keyword optimization? In fact, this is Dennis before I have said before, this is nothing more than the latest search engine according to the rules focused. In the optimization of a website must pay attention: put and do, four words, as long as do the four part, the general popular keywords will soon be on the list.

enterprise website optimization, what is? Is the website ranking, website conversion rate. Someone once said in the Shanghai dragon, no key words not to go up, but the length of time the problem. We need to know is that the enterprise website does not have much time for you to continue steadily, they pay attention to efficiency, pay attention to the profit, otherwise you can leave the dingy.

for the way already belongs to an old topic, the station main position, as the title must be put here, "the weight" is relatively large, in the search engine to search the general title keyword matching is relatively high. In what we call the META tag position, these positions are now not like before, can not directly affect the keywords ranking, because the search engine database has relative position, and the position of the reason why we have to focus on is to make the content and the title, which is "more, plus.

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