The site is not the first detailed solution

The site is not the first detailed solution

this problem is actually very good solution, see his ideas. If you are keen on page ranking and flow, then you only need to cancel the delete page keywords tags or labels that can be left blank; if you prefer the long tail precise flow, so keep the inside pages of the Keywords tag can be. Shanghai officials have confirmed that love, keywords tags have been identified as "junk code, no longer used, this has been confirmed in a number of occasions.

2, the domain name weight is too scattered, the weight of the inside pages of high home

in fact, in this case, I was happy because the content page is affirmed, so relatively generally used for display of the home page, the inside pages in fact is more accurate, more representative, in the pages full of more professional, the kernel is approved, home will be far behind? So when I do internal optimization this station, leaving the keywords label. In fact, is to look at the direction of his promotion to their website positioning, generalized or large precise long tail, all in your hands.

home is right down to many Shanghai dragon ER actually means the site is K, because we all rely on the home page ranking and flow. In this case, only the general analysis from three aspects: A, your station optimization is reasonable? B, you stand outside the optimization standard? C, your site is stable? The station optimization is divided into two sections: the content of construction and structure layout; outside the station is outside the chain; the stability of the server is affect website ranking one of the important factors. After the three to ensure and monitor the full range of, what are the problems in your website, why be right down, down the right reasons will be clear at a glance, nature will be smoothly done or easily solved the problem.

many webmaster friends in English and I was often mentioned in the website domain name page site first or even in the home. Many of my friends will make friends like the error analysis: < love Shanghai site, > home is not the first cause; actually, whole big, there is no solution to a.

this situation is caused by what reason? We can be divided into multiple perspectives:

3 page update frequency is too slow to update the inside pages of high frequency


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1 was down right home page

this is relatively rare, but also have appeared. One is the frequency of a weight. In the multi page refers to the classification list page, this is I love operating practices, because the classification list of weights is relatively concentrated, convenient both home secondary keyword promotion. With second points, or to see his ideas and practices.

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