The reasonable layout of the site optimization keywords multiplier

The reasonable layout of the site optimization keywords multiplier

seventh is the link text. This small do not do more to explain, do link must use the keyword of the website links, whether inside or outside the chain chain, to strengthen the relationship between the keywords and the website, do a hyperlink to the keyword text, one of which is to enhance the ranking will do the content.

fourth is "meta keywords, also is the key part, this part of small don’t do more to explain, many webmaster should do website keywords part words do not need to explain what the reason.

title is the second part of the page, also is the title of the website. The title of the site must appear keywords, if want to do web site keywords ranking. But the title keywords ranking according to the order from heavy to light, the title of the first occurrence of keywords and the last words appear in search engine to give it weight is not the same.

fifth is the text part, text part contains the text of any place, to try to add a keyword in the text at the beginning of the beginning, the closer the better page. If is the beginning of the first paragraph, first sentence as much as possible words, bold links are good.

8U wateryuer China by small original, starting from the A5 station network, please indicate.

third is "meta description, also is the site of the description part. Description can be a simple description to the website, the website keywords cleverly integrated into the content inside, but there is one point to note is the key words as far as possible into the front position, let the snapshot description can be included into the appropriate keywords.

website first should appear keywords position is the domain name of the website, the search engine has the ability to identify the website name, the domain name of the website both in pinyin form, or in the form of English site keywords, search engines are able to identify. If the words on the site of the domain name, the search engine will be the website and keywords are linked to the website keyword rankings.

website optimization concept that no webmaster will feel strange about it, but how to do website optimization work truly let many webmaster feel fascinated. Keywords layout is the priority among priorities in website optimization. Keywords should appear in what place, how to layout, small wateryuer on this issue to share with you how to layout the keywords to do website optimization work.


sixth is a label, the search engine also paid attention to labels, whether in HTML tags, or pictures of the label, the alt attribute should appear keywords of the shadow, but not stack phenomenon, moderation.

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