The use of paichufa snapshot backwards looking for reasons

The use of paichufa snapshot backwards looking for reasons

4: short-term surge in the chain? Love Shanghai focus on "nature" is a site all of a sudden surge in the chain, the obvious optimization is excessive, it is easy to love Shanghai that you are cheating, even a website is K may, so in the chain this remember: More haste, less speed.!

can not only visit forum and the webmaster exchange of learning, but also can send the chain for the website, so the forum regulars I also considered one. A recent update of the search engine, in the forum, I found many webmaster website and I stand the same problem: snapshot back there. Some Adsense is very confused: "I have been in the normal steps, and no cheating, why is there such a phenomenon? Don’t love Shanghai and we don’t need to exhaust chaos?" the first time to consider the Shanghai love program data to reflect on their own mistakes, what to do on the site, because of the emergence of this phenomenon is the comprehensive factors and we can use the law to exclude reason analysis.

if in no cheating cases and exclude more than likely, "

1: website content is updated? This is that at least the snapshot update, if the site has not been updated, each time to visit the station spiders are empty handed, for a long time, love Shanghai natural snapshot will stay, also may cause the snapshot to backsliding, the content of the website is the best time update.

3: the chain is too little? The chain is the site of the foundation, the foundation of a web site is stable or not depends on whether the chain is strong. If the site outside the chain, also cannot attract spider often visit, not to mention the update.

2: website content is the high repetition rate? Original content is indeed a headache for some webmaster, will collect the pseudo original, if the acquisition of the content repetition rate is too high, the love of Shanghai is also not included in the pseudo original time, we should pay attention to this point.

5: whether Links site problem? Chain website snapshot not update or site by K, will affect your website, we should always check the chain, identify problems and timely delete link.

first, the structure of the site, the site title, keyword is changed? Did the webmaster know, these changes will have an impact on the website optimization. The server is not stable, the website linked to horse, malicious attacks, these are likely to make love Shanghai snapshot backwards, if any more than the possibility of it, then we can further analyze the rule:

of Shanghai Longfeng workers, working all day makes people feel trivial, repeatedly insisted every one simple thing, but also from the continuous learning and accumulation of experience, the major forum for the exchange will become a webmaster open decompression place. Each time you update the search engine will give the webmaster bring a variety of problems, Shanghai dragon is nothing more than the search engine as the core, constantly pondering his rule, every time the update is a harvest of webmaster experience.

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