With the optimization of website construction is more difficult than temptation

With the optimization of website construction is more difficult than temptation

, is a struggle with difficult process. The first difficulty is how to win the trust of the search engine, "content is king, link for emperor" most of the people of these eight words, but very few can understand. Content refers to high quality original content, and "high quality" and "original" itself is not a very easy thing. The more difficult and the construction of the link, many people may think of exchange links, but a website for the exchange of links is extremely limited. The forum, blog can bring a number of links, but limited. The best way is through the link, soft writing, and then released to the professional platform, because it can bring a large amount of reproduced, but also in line with the search engine to link diversity requirements.

site construction and optimization is a willpower competition, such as the content of the website of the original writing, such as links to resources of construction, is a short duration of time of power, and requires long-term efforts. In the process of website construction, difficult things can hardly be avoided, because the optimization itself is a game and game, is a process of overcoming difficulties. You have difficulties there is confusion, it is because in the face of difficulties with efforts after the avalanche, but can not solve the helpless. In the website construction and optimization of the process, there are also many temptations, even more more difficult than confusion.

if the trust search engine, but by the content of high quality, high quality links. So beyond the competitors, it is built on a search engine on the basis of trust, is more difficult. The same words, different website ranking order is different, the main reason is that the weights of different sites. Aware of these, so the only way to surpass competitors right, is to find ways to improve site weight. All these came around to the quality of the site itself, around the back to the construction of the original and the quality of the link. So, website optimization is the key link of chain, the most fundamental is the website quality, website quality rises, all difficulties will be smoothly done or easily solved.

, a difficulty, a rough road song

believe that many site construction production and site optimization friends will encounter some more or less confused. For example, diligently do station, but not always recognized such as their search engine; make painstaking efforts of the original article, in search engines, but others such as "reserved"; in the website optimization effect is slightly improved, but it caused rival eye envy, suffered a malicious attack for website. The difficulties can be resolved, confusion is because of facing difficulties can not be solved, but a helpless silence. Many people do not have to give up in the face of difficulties, it is difficult to solve because you know is a sunny day. In the face of confusion but not to give up, it means to begin to fail.

who have this kind of confusion, believe that every webmaster heart experience is a past >

Production and optimization of construction site

two, confused and helpless after trying to

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