What kind of secret can be recovered after the station was K

What kind of secret can be recovered after the station was K

3, because the site of illegal information is K

5, because the site is cheating on K

2, because the web site linked to illegal links by K

5, because excessive K

website optimization

you may be anxious to, by the surge in the chain, stack optimization technique keywords love Shanghai not recognized caused by K. The risk is not particularly large, as long as after normal to do stand, step by step, it is not difficult to restore.

is likely to make more money through the illegal information content, the content of love Shanghai banned content caused by K, this is almost can not be restored, for this reason basically is the subjective you want to do, love Shanghai is very difficult to forgive you for this station.

may have some friends do stand, because the process of doing stand some subjective and objective causes improper operation, the site was K, after trying to hope to be able to recover, after all, hard to do so for a long time, suddenly was K xinyoubugan. However, some websites do for a long time did not recover, some stations after a period of time, again again, then what kind of station is K is able to recover, what kind of station is not restored, today Fanfan Shanghai Longfeng talked the problem.

1, because the server caused by K

may be part of webmaster at the beginning when the fund is not very adequate, looking for a Cheap Host, led to the process of operation of the site is often unstable open, many times, the search engine will K your site. This is the objective reason, usually because of this reason was the K station, mostly through changing the stable server, adhere to honest do stand for a period of time is relatively easy to recover.

and others do Links or sell links or hanging black, probably due to the content of the website to understand the link is not clear enough, because the linked site is illegal websites (politics, pornography, PW etc.) caused by K. This may be a subjective reason may also have objective reasons, it is difficult to be relative to the first, but after a long period of time to maintain, can also recover.

therefore, if you do not want to stand by K, every Shanghai dragon or advise you do not lead to rules, as long as you are the subjective reasons. Most of K is able to recover. In this paper, where.

as soon as possible in order to obtain rankings, to deceive search engine, buy a large black chain, cheat links cheating methods in a short period of time to obtain ranking caused by K. This is almost impossible to recover, because this is one problem, if the owners have no character at all, then this site naturally does not have what quality content, you use the cheating methods to deceive the search engine, the consequences as can be imagined.

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