The new station if seduce spider crawling website

The new station if seduce spider crawling website

second: making static pages to the site. Sites like WP default links are dynamic, static and pseudo static link is really good and bad on the website, but the pseudo static pages are more likely to cause a spider crawling. Just for the line of the railway station, the search engine is not always to the site to grab the page, or could not be included in this article, then you can check whether the site did not pseudo static, pseudo static pages can be added to the site, some pseudo static website program support website, just plug can be solved if you don’t support to write pseudo static. Website optimization blogger is the case, the dynamic content of the spiders are not going to crawl. To the website can attract the spider, pseudo static web site is a spider’s love, a dynamic website is sometimes not included for the spiders.

new online no weight, no update rules, no stable user, no strong chain. This is the webmaster want to increase the weight of the website, how to attract the spider crawling website. A website to do better, if there is no spiders to crawl the web, search engines do not included in the website is not optimistic. How to attract the spider crawling website that new

again: to ensure that the site has the specific keywords. The spider web site is mainly through the website keywords in the webmaster, often can not let the spider know clearly the main keywords of this website is that, unable to determine the spider will not give high weight website, and keywords ranking is not very good. So in order to attract the spider crawling website, the last is to determine a good keywords to the site, clear website title and description to write at the same time, the chain construction site in the same article, do not point to the same page with keywords, the construction of the chain of this is wrong. At the same time, the home page in the title and title don’t set the home page set the main keywords, pages title set to the title and relevant keywords, it is easier to let the spider judge page, but also to give the weight of the inside pages. From the start so attract spider specific keywords.


: first ensure the site update frequency. A new line began to increase the original content to the website, many owners find new sites online, the website does not have content, can one day to the site to add dozens of articles, so the search engine included not just now, the new line search engine will not be included or one thing, so much of the original okay, if not the original search engine will think this site is the acquisition of the site is not new, and to consider is now a day can increase so much, the spider accustomed to your site every day to increase so much, so you don’t add a day to your site, the spider can not eat something, may there will be a snapshot of not update. View the site log, what time to see a spider web site, to ensure that the site has a good update frequency, this website to better attract spider crawling.


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