Website optimization analysis process of Chinese and foreign chain form and bring the role of

Website optimization analysis process of Chinese and foreign chain form and bring the role of

second, the value and significance of Links can not be ignored. Before 2011 is about as long as the other site PR value is relatively high, we can exchange links with the love of Shanghai in 2012 for the two sides before the upgrade, and as long as the site weight is not included, as appropriate, the snapshot can be exchanged, have the advantage of both the ranking, but after 2012, flooding Links cheating tactics, love Shanghai again upgrade algorithm, Links need not exchange website weight size, more attention is related to both sites, exchange and not related to the site, the weight be higher but does not meet the user experience, bring the effect is very small. So in this case, we do not rely on their own subjective thought, as long as the other high weight, high PR value chain is good, the correlation factor is another important weight assessment of the quality of the chain link, natural and gradual growth of friendship is a positive way.

we know the site operation and maintenance process, the website chain is obvious to people for weight and website ranking promotion, many others in the Shanghai dragon Er continue to increase site outside the chain, their every day trying to find the unknown to the public the chain for the website, but we found that we are trying to weight and website ranking but did not the author, with his experience and share site optimization process chain form and bring the role of. Good gossip short continued we enter today’s topic.

third, the higher the weight of the platform for the construction of the chain of spiders to crawl more frequently. We here as a new website for example, after a new station to love Shanghai, if the construction without any effective outside of the chain, spiders crawl web page until the release page need half a month or even longer, because the spider unable to get the information on this website, in this case, the new after doing their own station optimization, we can choose the high weight of the third party platform such as stationmaster net, tui18, why, Shanghai dragon platform >

first, the chain is the most important way to increase traffic. We think many webmaster site outside the chain, just a simple website to vote, we released the chain on the other platform, you get a single link, so that the other party website for our website had a positive vote, this is in fact the chain of a role, the author thinks that the high weight of the chain is a way to increase the main flow, such as webmaster in website and theme related websites in the soft, leave your links, not only can bring to the site link quality, more important is the high weight of the platform itself flow is very big the quality of value, is to attract users to click on the bait, the user is very clear whether the link is open to their own needs, such external links the user experience is good, for users That is a valuable link, just get a valuable vote, more important is to enhance the chain for the website hits, tangible import traffic, so the chain of external links also belong to high quality.

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