Shanghai Longfeng collision point of view website content about the need to update every day

Shanghai Longfeng collision point of view website content about the need to update every day

I do product operations in the company, the company has a small website about the baby constipation, since the rankings are good. But recently there is no sign of love in Shanghai. I checked the website, and not what signs of cheating. In the beginning, I believe it is the recent love Shanghai algorithm change frequently, it may violate a new algorithm, suffered a punishment.

We all know that

"to update the content inside the station, to get high quality the chain", seems to be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er consensus, I also used to insist on this view. But recently I began to waver, one against the world idea: unless necessary, update the website better

after continuous thinking and investigation, I ended up locked in website content view. Because these pages have a common point, web content refining and fixed. I began to doubt the continuously updated regularly, and is applicable to all the sites, or whether this is shaken.

I’m sure, just a few months or a few weeks ago, the position of the search results are small website homepage. Why suddenly these small sites home position, it was suddenly in the large website topic page instead? I think everyone’s first reaction is certainly, these pages can inherit the weight, coupled with the nature of the chain, easier to obtain ranking. But before this advantage does not exist? Obviously not, this advantage has always been there, but love Shanghai, the search results page, never really reflect this advantage, this is obviously a new change.

but a few days ago, I used to find to check competitor rankings of the frozen out not only me, all my competitors are not here, I realized that a major event stalls. They began to analyze the search results, hoping to find some clues.

weeks of observation, I found a strange phenomenon, in the "baby constipation" results page, ranked in the top 3 pages of results roughly divided into 4 types: the love of Shanghai’s own products, quiz website pages, special large website pages and pages in large portal. In these 4 kinds of results, love Shanghai own product line in front of their own children no ground for blame, pain; quiz website pages in the front row is user generated content no ground for blame, and better user experience; the inside pages of a large site in the front row, this is the love of the Shanghai convention, but also no ground for blame; large the website web pages ranking suddenly become very front, attracted my attention.

love Shanghai recently is not comfortable, 360 bit behind, and has been using the user experience to attack the love of Shanghai. Love Shanghai and therefore will not change, the answer is certain. Then love will change to Shanghai website update attitude? I think it is possible.

I tried from the perspective of the user experience to think about this, his thinking has become gradually clear up, love will become Shanghai, and.

After !

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