Shanghai dragon Raiders share how to make search engines included 100% articles

Shanghai dragon Raiders share how to make search engines included 100% articles


if your site layout is not good, the user see tired, not to watch it, then the search engine on your score will be greatly reduced.

: the first theme

for the layout, we have already started to study this problem, the teacher said to write good layout, so that the teacher is marking, similarly, we update the article typesetting station, the search engine will be more love.

articles are usually too short in length, no expression of the meaning, the user looks very tired and too long. So short articles and long articles usually let the website jump out rate increase.

whether or not to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, as long as there is a web site, basically all love each article can be their own search engines, but the ideal is good, the reality is cruel, often a lot of time, site articles are not satisfactory to. Many owners are also included in a web site, but these can all be improved, as long as you follow the net strange Shanghai dragon training do 10 points, included

search engine is constantly updated, on the surface, website has become increasingly difficult, the increasingly high demand, most of the time in every station dedicated to update, but included in the site the proportion is not much improved, the middle of what the problem is?

love of Shanghai included in this article, there are many factors affecting the following are all about the 10 most important factors affecting the website articles included.

An article in

, with the title of the theme of their own, want to tell you what specific things, singular control in general about 500 words.

For example:


if your site articles and site theme have no connection, even if your article and original, also will not be subject to evaluation of the search engine is good, but not too much related articles will lead to the site being punished.

original this topic, has emphasized many times the topic, the website published articles, best original article, if it is copying others, little effect.

will definitely come up!With the

Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we will have to optimize your keywords, to optimize the type of site, so our site theme must be clear, associated update must and website product or web site theme.

second: the original

for the original, we can also go to the pseudo original articles of others, but at least to modify more than 30%.

Fourth words:

I do Shanghai dragon training site, so I have associated with the Shanghai dragon, I do website construction, so I have to the construction site and related.

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