The correct wording of Shanghai dragon soft optimization

The correct wording of Shanghai dragon soft optimization

website optimization, the main function is to optimize the long tail keywords, such as the site is related to the treatment of bad breath, it relates to the long tail keywords treatment of bad breath is very much, I put the key words how to treat bad breath, how to split, and the treatment of halitosis three separate words, and these three words are set apart for the title of the article, the resolution method based on word segmentation principle of love Shanghai, love Shanghai because when users in the search box, input to the treatment of bad breath, also will first of these words split, and then search, such articles are more likely to find love in Shanghai.

for the contents of the article, before practice is as far as possible to increase the number of keywords, it will damage the readability of the article, at the same time as the search engine algorithm innovation, optimization methods are simple and rude this obviously can not meet the demand, the author believes that in the preparation of the content, should be in accordance with the introduction of four models, set a different title and title should be segmented, the long tail word core keywords, in the section title, these long tail words there is no need to split. Section under the title of the content, can the process of writing, one or two times, even does not appear too, behind it should be readable. Ensure that the content is a complete individual, but not as many novels written in castrated version.

At the end of the first

to increase the website, the website to write the first treatment of halitosis, extended reading behind the increase in their site of the article on the next page URL, or >

: according to a Shanghai love word segmentation principle, split keywords for the title of the article

three: don’t forget the ending station link optimization

web content rich, will undoubtedly be able to add the user experience of the website, if the content of the website and the Shanghai dragon optimization combining, it can make the website articles play a more utility. But now many webmaster in the preparation of Shanghai dragon optimization article, but often because the method is not correct, causing the site not only did not get the result of optimization, also suffered from love to punish Shanghai, especially after the love of Shanghai in 2012, the algorithm has been greatly improved, some optimization methods of the original 100 percent of the time, not only does not work. Is a love stand according to the sea, so I think that the content of the original innovation optimization method, without a trace is the optimization of the right way, how can you do this?

Of course,

two: the content of end keyword, segmental small to have the title of related keywords

is the more important, the long tail word split, order is not disrupted, but also to further reduce the optimization trace, let search engine is a look for the web site article, rather than a deliberate preparation for the search engines of the garbage article, also for users, it will not feel blunt. Readability is also effectively improved.

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