Novice the failure of enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng K issue review

Novice the failure of enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng K issue review

in addition to a new station on the line, do not frequent replacement of the server, the server if it is bought before the enterprise, find a good IDC. last year before my website is updated because the enterprise station, can be one or two a day, a month to add a Links two is nothing, but is years ago several times because of room idle machine, or the Ministry of certain inspection, or port error, my station was closed several, just hit the Google update PR, master Wiebe managed to PR4, less than half of the PR4 moment into 3. still miserable (behind PR3 the normal update, do not dare to promote too much), collected from ten thousand to three hundred, the distance makes me cold heart, frightened. (the new owners worry about vulnerable!!!)

recently own hands love Shanghai snapshot for Beijing in 2012 the last snow of March 30th at noon, completely disappeared, let the mood is very depressed, the website promotion process many novice in Shanghai dragon will need to meet a large number of websites and exchange Links in Links is a good stuff, but still want to remind you novice webmaster, link exchange transactions, why I am such a phenomenon? Following Wiebe to share their operational errors.

on the line?

you new webmaster in front of their own domain name and space, please be careful.

On the day of a new website

site basic got about

harmony… website?

Wiebe A: domain name has any effect on the

my site ready on the line, Wiebe think early changed almost, leaders think to do long time, push for several times, forced on the line, but after the line, modify the content page layout, when the filling content, found a pile of content need to be adjusted to the structure of the website, like this may be instead, that may be replaced in the page to add a picture, there is a need to increase the link bait, then change it. The art program reminders every day, busy busy, slow half (some employees are not doing a full-time), home page to increase keyword, increase, modify and sometimes wrong, the next day to page out, modify, increase the number of pages per day, there are.

is a new station, rest assured that your Baidu included in, the need for a waiting time, that Baidu will check your site, Wiebe experienced a variety of assessment, the content of the site, the site structure, even on the site’s domain name, the new site for example a friend, want to do a movie information site to the time domain, want to break the head, the last group of friends help to choose a fana#v name for a movie station for this domain is more in line with the industry property right, after the station on the line, because the site for more updates on what the acquisition soon. The. But when it appeared in Baidu ranking, Baidu back, because of the emergence of a large number of illegal station *V words, the site of the final

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