How to plan your blog in Shanghai Longfeng structure

How to plan your blog in Shanghai Longfeng structure

two: the use of secondary keywords as your

three: the use of long tail keywords for your title

in the construction of a niche blog site, one of the most important things you need to consider is the blog of the Shanghai dragon structure. It can not only help you rank, but also can improve the rate of return on your investment. There is a keyword in Shanghai Longfeng structure, you can focus your keywords in the search engine ranking now. The structure about it, let us in to see how you should build your Shanghai Longfeng structure in order to maximize revenue for you, get better rankings and high click rate. As shown below.

this is the third part of your blog search engine optimization structure. The long tail keywords in this section you will focus on your. Your blog can directly affect your main keywords, but also contains your long tail keywords. Write and publish as many blog articles, and keep the Internet correlation of your articles and maintain relevant categories in the directory in the article, so that it can obtain the biggest search engine ranking.

: the main key words as the title of the blog


construction and optimize the structure of the first part is to use your main keywords for blog title. This part is relatively simple, just include your main keywords in the title and description.


blog search engine to optimize the structure of the second parts is minor in the category set of keywords. Keywords secondary is generally two or three word search words. The secondary keywords set to catalog your main is to make your blog get more through the blog link weight. Oh your blog link to your catalogue and the catalogue will link to your homepage. The focus of this process can improve your rankings and your main keywords obtained. Catalogue maintain in not more than eight. If you need more categories can try to build sub categories.

a good beginning is half the success, on the construction of Shanghai Longfeng framework there are many aspects need to pay attention to, the author simply share the three main point of this paper is to construct, with your blog search engine optimization structure help. This paper from the original game 贵族宝贝aiqianshu贵族宝贝/ please indicate the source, thank you

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