Love Shanghai algorithm is not completely in line with the user experience and change

Love Shanghai algorithm is not completely in line with the user experience and change

once more people, these resources will feel spread, all day to see Sina blog spam chain a lot, some day to see happy net ooxx reprint link, this love Shanghai will strengthen the management of the chain, which is to cancel the weight of the chain, put some spam links deleted from love Shanghai database, even let the platform release of the link is not included.

love Shanghai algorithm changes frequently, many of my friends have tasted its powerful place, the ranking is not good friends, are looking forward to the renewal of the algorithm, for cheating friends, it will have to expect a week ago always on tenterhooks, a small change once a month, large changes in the laws, can make their own keywords good ranking algorithm, now seems to seems not so regularly, what time do you want to update the update, it makes a lot of Shanghai dragon ER was not the end.


lose the weight of the chain effect, we will be rather baffling website "love Shanghai right down, in fact, we do not have the black hat tactics, for their own operations, a chain of the platform once released a large number of the chain for the website is very dangerous, when our son was removed by the administrator or titles, the chain loss rate is too big.

is very important to the user experience, the webmaster friends also pay more and more attention, but personally think that love Shanghai algorithm change is not entirely with the user experience and change; such as a web site optimization and promotion, our goal is to let us have a good web site keywords ranking, the chain to occupy a large part of it. Will affect the keywords ranking, how to calculate the weights of the chain, we do not know, but we can feel something, when we find a way to quickly included, or included after a good ranking, this time Shanghai dragon Er will be ", because we all know that the rush on like a swarm of hornets" with this methods the chain can get very good effect, such as the recent Sina blog the chain can do the seconds, happy net and love Shanghai post space Can let the keywords have a very good ranking.

user experience seems to be the most bullish on this year, many people think it is the future direction of Shanghai dragon, but so, now many site is because the structure of the station, do better than others in place, so the surface looks website is not much, the chain is also very little, but the keyword ranking is very good. Now love Shanghai search engine for the user experience this request is also more and more clear, what kind of website structure, what kind of content is what we need to build. For some sites suspected of cheating and not have too long ranking, such as the accumulation of keywords, content acquisition, and some black hat means, such as stations, buy black chain and so on, these sites will continue to be abandoned the search engine.


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