The title tag writing delimiter usage details

The title tag writing delimiter usage details

The use of

must do optimization of the deep. In writing the title tag we need to pay attention to the distribution of keywords, and the key point is the use of punctuation, which divided between multiple keywords match. A good delimiter can clearly make the search engine to know our purpose, separated and bad character using search engine will misunderstand our title, then in the use of these symbols need to pay attention to what the details? I will share some of their own experiences in the following.

has two kinds, one is English comma, the other is a comma in Chinese, although the two comma looks very similar, but in the title of the writing, there are still a lot of different, English comma in the title tag as a separator, and the comma in the Chinese not only represent separate meaning, if our title is a long sentence, which use a comma in the Chinese search engine might think we use commas on a title of this sentence, the word as a word, lost the effect of the separator. For example, a headline "webmaster, log, Shanghai Phoenix webmaster articles, stories, online appreciation – stationmaster net", the title of this writing is intended to let search engines know that this title contains the webmaster and other words, but if we use commas in the Chinese language, so that a search engine will be the as the title of a long tail keywords, which is obviously contrary to our original intention.

The details of

we can see many site is underlined do delimiter, many webmaster friends always think that use the underscore as the separator is a good choice, but.

four, underline "_"

The importance of the title tag


has many webmaster friends in writing the title tag when using "-" the punctuation, it will be regarded as a separator, of course, the idea is not wrong, this symbol can indeed play a delimiter role, but compared to the English station, this symbol is less suitable Chinese stand, relative this symbol is more conducive to English station optimization and user friendly experience.


We said

two, the details of "space"

three, the details of the hyphen "-"

document in daily use the most common spaces, we regard it as the delimiter in the document, but in general we will not cause the writing of the title of the site using the space character to separate. This is mainly because the space is generally used to separate words or letters English symbol, we can also see the space is the most commonly seen in the English site in the title, as shown below. But for the Chinese site, we do not normally spaces as delimiters.

, a comma "," details the use of

The use of

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