What is the difference between love of Shanghai and Google optimization

What is the difference between love of Shanghai and Google optimization

, a word segmentation method.

three, outside the chainThe number of the chain

love Shanghai is growing very fast, but Google’s number is on the chain tardy, love Shanghai more than 3000 > domain domain name

love this enemy, is nothing more than the highest utilization rate of the search engine, although Google’s search share than love Shanghai, but if you do Google optimization to bring traffic is also very much, so I love Shanghai to do search engine optimization needs to take into account the love of Shanghai and Google. Essentially, the two algorithms are basically the same, at least the conflict is very small, but each has its own characteristics, should be dealt with separately. Here I do love Shanghai window of the world leather Google optimization found some of their differences.

took the word window of the world leather, this is the name of the site, almost no what competitive. Indeed, the word very quickly to the first of the two search engines. But the window the word love Shanghai very quickly to the first, but Google has refused to show up on page second. Google search for "the window" ranking is the window of the world such as the browser information, one more "" but also ranked top. They don’t say high weight, Google always will give more opportunities to railway station, but the window of the world leather nets window but the ranking is not good, cause analysis, reason is because Google word segmentation technology, it is the window of the world leather nets as a whole. After using the word world window to do some text outside the chain, ranking rose, now to the first page. Summary: different love Shanghai Google word segmentation technology, only love Shanghai more understand Chinese. Google does not know when to use the word description text links to prompt it, both stations of the draw text outside can.


website images more, the text is too small, the love of Shanghai is not very love, although every day in the hair of the chain, the spider also continue to visit, but not included, since only more than 1000. While Google has over five thousand, and is still increasing. The love of spiders in Shanghai come to see, the website is full of pictures, only the few words, so head a blank, what exactly is this page content, graphic content not inconsistent. Perhaps some key word, and think: OK, first proper collection to let some database look to see whether to put out. Google crawler over a look, this site is all pictures how ah, brother is not sensitive to the picture but the human love pictures, first check the content of what is right, it does not have the ALT well, there are some words, or out to let people see it. Summary: Google pictures stand more tolerant, even though the text not content will also be included, love Shanghai want to observe a period of no abnormal will put out, the number of Google not included. There is no doubt that Google can take pictures more than love Shanghai station.


Shanghai Google included pageBecause the

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