The nternet too Shanghai dragon the novice decide on what path to follow

The nternet too Shanghai dragon the novice decide on what path to follow

although some time ago love Shanghai has two large-scale update, make some Adsense site is K or drop right, to a certain extent on the role of Shanghai dragon, but this does not affect people to continue to learn Shanghai Longfeng technology enthusiasm, in two friends around today also pay more than 1000 dollars to start his "Shanghai dragon training brigade". But only by Shanghai dragon training, obviously can not solve all the problems in the learning process, after all, in practice there are too many questions, but this time to find the tutor is obviously not very practical problems, often at this time, many Shanghai Longfeng novice will choose to find their own answers to the questions on the internet.

fell in love with the sea search answer webmaster all know, there are a lot of information deceptive, delay the matter did not say, sometimes to the website management plays a key role. But the A5 forum, why forum Shanghai dragon can meet the needs of everyone? I think it is not necessarily, for these well-known forum many webmaster is embittered, can only say that it is more and more less now and ready to dry cargo, "free" share the webmaster is rare angle. But then again, the Internet is so big, there must be valuable information, then Shanghai Longfeng novice in the acquisition of the information should pay attention to what the problem?

2 for the disputed information, ready to accept either course does not accept. Let’s look at the A5, most worried about is not to be introduced the degree of difficulty of optimization method, but this method of actual operating force. Most of the time, including the author himself, the method introduced by this paper feel ready to accept either course say it is wrong, but the author said, there is reason to say it is true, but always feel this optimization method is not each other that reliable. Like some time ago, one writer said updating actions in Shanghai are now love for their own interests and adhere to the original, as a multi-faceted marketing path. The examples and data of this article make friends, we don’t believe is flustered. In this article, we can get the theme to their website optimization a limit reference instead of provisions, because there is no guarantee that no love Shanghai, only rely on micro-blog or Sogou soso, can support a website.

1 no data, case information is not desirable as to rely on. Many webmaster in the reading of the A5 forum, will find a lot of friends will introduce their own experience, such as the Shanghai love to add links such as skills, love Shanghai pulled the hair quickly restored the weight of skills and so on, these information is tempting, but in the acquisition of Shanghai dragon novice must calmly analyze it, as he had to add your website URL rebate network, Taobao also specifically to buy a four star account, but according to the other side not only did not succeed, the account has been closed. So when we read in the forum, can not be attractive title to confuse, we must first ensure that the other party will have enough data and case reasoning as.

But when

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