The new development and how to develop the community website

The new development and how to develop the community website

community and SNS link is not innovation, many communities have done. However, many community has always wanted to do a special communication tool, which is actually have the order reversed. Not only is the community, many sites also have the disadvantages. For example, everyone always want to promote all desktop, it would act with undue haste. If is a loyal user of the website, naturally to download communication tools. But without the needs of customers, it will be the propaganda of hate. The community is an exchange of more places, so do not necessary communication tools. To the community, that is associated with SNS, but also to avoid excessive marketing. Therefore, a convenient window is the best choice. A simple chat window to do well "

has always played, several elements of community website can not relax

said on the Internet community, where people are very clear, even without a computer some traditional woman can muster a few words like "bamboo". It should be said that the community website is beginning most Chinese on the Internet to understand, Internet products in the senate". But have so many years of development of "community road", and can expand their place? Want to do community of Shanghai dragon ER, there can be new development? Now it is to discuss the part-time job, how do community play station, as well as the new development of community website.

can also play the song song, with good user experience will be the site of a full range of packaging

innovation in the innovation, the community and the SNS link

want to do community website, there is a little Shanghai Longfeng experience knows, is the core content, user experience and promotion. Want to do community, to accurately set for yourself. Want to do is what the community? How is the community? Find their position, in order to do community content, to provide users with enough attentive service. The second is the user experience, no matter what the site, the other head are users, so only the user that website is good. In the promotion, in fact, a lot of the Raiders, but the important thing is just hard enough, is not difficult to make promotion.

Internet users more and more, taste more and more critical. Therefore in the user experience, just imitate the website is not enough. If all the same, what attract users come? So in the construction site, must use the user experience will be the site of a full range of packaging. For example, web plate distribution, human engineering, is a focal point of view, so the site plate size, proportion, color distribution, also need to study. For example, although everyone has different habits, but the habit of people have tendency, such as how to according to the mouse mobile more convenient to determine the number of click position. Seems all the minor details of things, but if you can do a good job in all the minor details on, the user’s taste raised before, the user can not be easily used to other sites, will not be the same site shunt.


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