Website weight ratio analysis the chain of non universal good horse with a good saddle more

Website weight ratio analysis the chain of non universal good horse with a good saddle more

operating environment will be made into full play, in which includes: DN>


three: site structure weight ratio

four: the weight ratio of

operating environmentThe optimization results will be stable

site structure has much weight in website optimization than here? The author is the 20. Reasonable site structure to do the following: basic details of the optimization in place, such as a custom 404 page, 301 correct orientation, keyword layout is reasonable and correct, appropriate density, navigation tree, robots.txt right, no duplicate pages, pure static pages. Which website does not duplicate pages and keywords, reasonable structural layout is the key. The layout of the structure is not difficult, is also a good website optimization, will always be 00 pieces on top of this error, do not "perfect".

the role of the chain is to guide the search engine to patronize website, but if the site does not have enough food to keep the spider, everything is in vain. Here, the importance of website content 20. In general, the website has a chain guide, coupled with appropriate content updates, the spider can Everfount to index website, even on the content of outstanding cases, the indexing speed will be faster, which does not necessarily need to be outside the chain guide. But frequent updates, although lobbyists won the favor of search engine, but without the support of the chain, ranking is still difficult to be dart. In general, this site is easy to enter "eleven" the website list, but it is difficult to break through to the home page.

chain why have been deified? Although not complete decision website ranking, but it is an important symbol of the success of the ranking guide. Here, the author is outside the chain for site optimization in the proportion of 25. The chain of "enough" to ensure fast search engine to the site between the transmission of information. But the amount is not quantity but quality. General site, spiders may be a hundred times a day, but for the good of the site, the number of spiders visit every day may reach hundreds of times, this is the "quantity" of the gap, while the quality of chain is more stable, the chain site does not appear to eliminate serious phenomenon.

: a chain of the weight ratio of

how to optimize an awesome website? Many owners think: the construction site outside the chain enough properly, the ranking will certainly advance. On this point from the "link trading market is remarkable, trading links why so popular? In fact, or link trading post to bring the weight. But although many websites to buy external links, but there are still some websites without significantly, and even reverse be down right? Why is this? The fact that a truth: "a good horse with a good saddle", with web site optimization for the purpose of the outer chain construction should also be so today. We have a website weight ratio analysis.

two: the weight content than

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