Enterprise website statistical analysis we mainly analyze those modules

Enterprise website statistical analysis we mainly analyze those modules

third, website jump out rate analysis. The website out an important detail rate is love Shanghai to determine the site weight, basic details for the bounce rate analysis is also a webmaster must careful to analyze, jump out rate is calculated by in a period of time, users only browse a page that is to leave the site visits the proportion of the total visits. For a page: Bounce Rate Algorithm and then click on the page that other sites do not leave the number / all enter the page number to enter from this page. This sentence may understand it around a bit, but we only need to understand a little home for example, to 100 customers entering the home, but the 50 did not continue to open the page or other pages to access but directly from the website, this time the entrance to the site out rate is 50/100=50%. the higher values representing the quality website optimization is bad, the lower the viscosity and better understand the questions on behalf of a web site, after continuous improvement.

first, site traffic source composition. We must understand what is the site traffic? Through the background data analysis, flow sources will detailed list of our website traffic, such as search engines, web site directly into the flow, flow and other promotional understand these details, we can connect to a web site traffic which has a clear understanding through this, we should analyze the flow details of the main composition of those, those channels can also continue to optimize the import flow channel is increased, those we have not pay attention to but does exist, only to understand these details to promote the planning, deployment and the related strategy of website optimization.

as a business site, the more we are in pursuit of the conversion rate, site optimization for the enterprise can bring real benefits, many times you have to use web data analysis, we compared these data analysis tools are relatively clear, there is a common love of Shanghai, cnzz statistical data analysis tools, 51la and so on, in fact, these products function the same, we mainly through the analysis of the basic data to understand the site? Well, let’s gossip short continued, through a few points and share with you.

fourth, customers on the page stay.

second, search keywords analysis. The proportion of enterprise website promotion operation optimization keyword analysis occupy very important, because the most effective conversion is through the search engine, search engine optimization is a very important means of transformation, analysis strategies including the main keywords ranking and flow condition, how to site the long tail word transformation situation for those? Strong, we focused on the deployment of key words whether stable access to the relevant rankings? Some potential long tail words we want to classify and to optimize and deploy the long tail word through the pages, can say is the webmaster attention to a keyword analysis module the most, I will not repeat in the above points. The author is in the process of the site is most concerned about the details.

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