Analysis of the soft science should how to layout keywords

Analysis of the soft science should how to layout keywords

second, the first paragraph of the content must have keywords. The first section is to have keywords and its purpose is to tell the search engines, the content and the title of this paper are of relevance, rather than fabrications. In fact, we in writing, will adopt the way of writing the introduction, for the first period of the soft natural need to write an introduction, and then make the transition to the introduction this paper presents the argument that the corresponding key words. So in the first paragraph, words can not be too much, usually 1 or 2 enough, otherwise there is suspicion of stack.

first, the soft content must be original, if not original layout can only be so keywords love Shanghai punishment. Of course, this also needs to be done and the original site has correlation, if there is no correlation between keywords, the layout is impossible. When we do the above basis, this text title keywords layout need the need of marketing. Keywords the layout can not enough stiff, but to make the title more readable, for example, the keyword is "soft Wen" in the title, so the soft of such words, but also has good readability.

now operating a website to be done through marketing, because marketing can actually play a role such as promoting diversification, Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, rich web content, improve website popularity etc.. But if you do not pay attention to marketing marketing methods, especially the soft writing skills, it is easy for the effect of soft marketing, even to the optimization effect of Shanghai Longfeng negative, which brings negative effect to the website.

third, in the second section and third section, you need the appropriate increase keyword density, because the two section basically discusses the arguments presented in this paper, is to undertake the above argument to profound exposition, so in this process will be more natural to design key words. So in the two paragraph, may be appropriate to increase the corresponding keywords.

fourth, two in the subsequent period or a keyword density should be decreased, because in the two paragraph or section, is mainly about the turn of the content, that is to say if the argument does not hold what happens. So in a few paragraphs, keyword density must be appropriate to reduce, but not to no one, because we are in denial about, also need to compare the argument, so if there is no one, there may be several love Shanghai think the natural period and theme of the site is not associated with quality will affect the content.

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for example, if your soft Wen is completely copied, and only the content of the Internet together relevant keywords, if such soft Wen propaganda put up a pageantry on the Internet, then love Shanghai search engine will think you are cheating, even on your site for punishment, so how to improve the marketing. Keywords science? The layout is very important, the following analysis of how to layout.

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