High quality general title title PK flow into the gap reached 10 times

High quality general title title PK flow into the gap reached 10 times

just saw a post on the A5 forum, to tell the truth this post content is not good, but the title will I drew in, so why? But not the title of high quality, an ordinary post tour reached more than 200, can be really great, root cause cause this phenomenon is: the title is too tempting. It can be said that a good title must be taken: climatic and geographical conditions.


let us look at the fourth title: website optimization fundamental, one did not reply, what this shows that this title is too ordinary, but the content of the post does not, this leads to a friend not in love, then how can we modify this title? The basic website optimization where we can be modified for the Webmaster: brother you know what is the basic site optimization? I believe that the title of website optimization where the root of this title is several times, at least not a reply.

let’s take a look at why this title can have hundreds of tour

first title: tell you how to learn A5, perhaps in the eyes of most people of this title is very general, in fact, the title of the background is established in the A5 forum can be said to occupy the place, and the title of the day is to visit the A5 forum to all want to learn some knowledge of A5 the forum, through the day just to build up the flow of people high, reached the terrain and climate, the unity of the title of this writing is really high.

we will look at the second title: website page and how to improve the number of the chain, why visited this post only ten? From the author’s point of view, A5 forum as we all know, is a focus on webmaster communication, learning community, and this post title is how to increase the number of the website page with the chain, to tell the truth: this type of posts I see too much, don’t want to click through the post these repeated? Is such a title created 20 times the flow gap, we try to change the title, I think there will be at least 50 that is the flow of this Title: how to increase the site 200 transposition chain in 1 hours, I believe this title at least visited 50.

we look at the third title: [original] share Shanghai dragon Er need faith, to tell the truth of this title webmasters a shock effect, it belongs to these titles this title has the most impressive, a solid frame with four words, which make people look really generous, and the title is one of the owners are most concerned about the topic now: Shanghai dragon Er how to do, is a hotspot, with powerful Title attracted many tour, this is the quality of the title, we just want to know how to use special symbols to strengthen the effect of heading time in the post or write this. Is a skill.

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