From the station group 2 22 anatomy of Shanghai to adjust the three aspects of love

From the station group 2 22 anatomy of Shanghai to adjust the three aspects of love

two, website content: for the content of the website, love Shanghai much more emphasis on originality and relevance. Also appeared yesterday’s web page included slightly lower reasons: for garbage stations page love Shanghai mercilessly fell K. For other similar stations, but also the same. Yesterday, for the website included a big fall in the webmaster should reflect on whether to have originality and relevance? I stand in love in Shanghai adjustment has not changed much, the reason is the correlation between at least do website, have not been plucking the bitter fruit.

last February 22, 2011 is the love of Shanghai made a major adjustment, the content of the website is slightly lower, with a strong contrast is the chain can be used to describe kuangxiang. However, love Shanghai and soon put the number of the chain adjustment back, just the content of the web site included a bit plane K. Go back to the station, with.Info left lateral standing group has now been harmonious, such as other stations: electronic cigarette, acne, increased drug like stations also escape. From the station once again be in harmony we can see love Shanghai "website page weight, content, chain and other aspects of the adjustment, also appeared in the Shanghai earthquake last day"". Although the harmonious love Shanghai most of the stations, but for small and medium-sized Adsense rankings do not have much impact, can see the love in Shanghai is very carefully in the adjustment of the algorithm, for fear of hurting the innocent. Well back to the theme of this paper, station group was again once again that the love of harmony, Shanghai is the master of love, Shanghai will adjust algorithm, then the reason of this adjustment is nothing more than to love Shanghai for stations. Is adjusted from "weight, website pages, the chain" etc.. The following one by one analysis with 3 aspects:

three, the website chain for chain website Kuangxiang to recover, there are different opinions among different owners. In has not recovered before, the author in the webmaster forum that many webmaster forum outside the chain are gone, all thought love Shanghai has the chain to suck the forum signature. In fact, before I wrote an article "the year of the rabbit 2011 prediction algorithm to adjust the three > love Shanghai

, a web page weight: L-carnitine station group as an example, the station group was harmonious, now a large amount of L-carnitine search keywords basically are some high PR portal. Keywords anchor text from powerful pages link stations are not related to the love of Shanghai can be seen is to distribute the weights adjustment inside pages, and the relevance of the anchor text. On the 7 stations built by the author in 2 as an example: in the 2 website statistics background can be seen most of the traffic flow are some of the inside pages, more often than the weight of the home page to. The chaos in the article insert some irrelevant text links, will love Shanghai appropriate to the site’s home page to reduce power or reduce the site keywords ranking which makes the website page keyword have better ranking.

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