Shanghai dragon in nformation Science spying on business intelligence

Shanghai dragon in nformation Science spying on business intelligence

by Shanghai dragon, spying on enterprise marketing efforts. Shanghai Longfeng work there is a job to build shops, which become the industry portal site or B2B site of the VIP business, this means the rankings be of great advantage. We can actually be counted, many enterprises have established shops, shops and the maintenance degree, and to determine the enterprises in Shanghai dragon and network marketing on the annual investment.

by Shanghai dragon, spying on the partnership. According to my experience, a business partner has many types, such as media partners, government partners, production partners, business partners, etc.. There are a few signs can decide whether the existence of cooperation between. The first look at the enterprise website chain. Partners tend to link to each other. Second see content publishing platform. If an enterprise in a regular platform for the development of the promotion of information, including product information, brand information, possible media cooperation. Third see information diffusion speed. For example, the company issued a news website, including Industry Association official website, also has released information, the enterprise and the close association.

by Shanghai dragon, spying on the technical strength of enterprises. An important part of Shanghai dragon is the original information, especially the information technology of the original. While the industrial and scientific research enterprise, is also the most keen on the Shanghai dragon. Representative such as equipment manufacturing, parts manufacturing and so on. According to my observation, in recent years, Shanghai love algorithm becomes more and more valued original content. So, if the industrial enterprises want to get good rankings, is bound to come up with some original technical data. From these data, we can get a glimpse of a certain extent the level of enterprise technology, research progress and other information.

from the Shanghai dragon behavior, we can pry into those

by Shanghai dragon, spying on the personnel. In two >


Internet is a basket, anything can be installed inside. Similarly, as the entrance of the Internet information search engine, is also a basket, can be loaded into something a lot, especially at the enterprise keywords ranking has, by means of Shanghai dragon, will be more spontaneous information search this basket inside, some information may be useless, some are useful. Today, we don’t talk about this, we will through the so-called "reverse technology", to explore the enterprise information from Shanghai dragon behavior.

by Shanghai dragon, spying on the enterprise market situation. When the good performance of the market, the enterprise cost in the marketing of energy and resources is much less, on the other hand. By this principle, we can according to the enterprise Shanghai Longfeng efforts to determine its market performance. For example, I had to track an agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprises, during the 2008-2012, Shanghai dragon of great intensity, website information fully, the chain is everywhere, long-term site in the first place, but after 2013, efforts began to weaken. In fact, the enterprise product sales is slow.

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