Showcase Design Shanghai dragon network optimization mysterious big nouns explain

Showcase Design Shanghai dragon network optimization mysterious big nouns explain


Shenzhen Zhangui design network to understand network promotion personnel in Shanghai Longfeng optimize the long-term and systematic project, there will be some common but with optimization of the completely different meaning words in daily life, read to make people feel very mysterious and interesting, let Xiaobian take you to feel these "the mysterious" word of it, take a look at.

, as the name suggests, is a phenomenon with keywords to bomb the search engine, the general means is to set up a large number of external links in a relatively short period of time, to improve the site’s ranking in search engines. But the bomb like way for a web site is not a permanent solution, only to ensure the update quantity, is the right path.

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sandbox in the eyes of ordinary people seems to be a representative of the sand box, but for the optimization of the website that it does not have the same meaning. It usually refers to a new site in about half the time, in Google ranking is not too good, many reasons enter the sandbox varied, usually because the massive growth of external links in the short term, as a pile of sand box filled with a sudden influx.

vocabulary phenomena such as ghosts, Golden Triangle, snapshot and so on, Xiao Bian will no longer explain. But through the above three words explain, believe you can feel that Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not far away from us, it is not a superior can not climb away, but rather "down to earth", more words can be in contact with slowly understand.

even in ancient times, is a kind of "people make mistakes, all relevant personnel punished" system, although sometimes means too extreme, but its fundamental purpose is to increase the cost of crime, reduce crime. In Shanghai Longfeng optimization field, even with the same meaning, namely a website cheating, other websites with the server or the same IP address will directly be involved in, subject to certain sanctions, is an important means to avoid the spread of external links.

, a term sandbox

name three, even

, two bomb NOUN

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