Shanghai Longfeng learning notes station optimization structure two

Shanghai Longfeng learning notes station optimization structure two

written as follows:


; optional space;

6.robots file: I think we should not be unfamiliar to this file, I also mention that there are many online files on this detailed explanation, when a search engine to our website will read the robots.txt file, if you do not have this file, then the search engine will capture all of your website, but I personally opinions, whether you do not or do not understand the establishment of robots.txt empty file in the root directory of the web site may be the reason: because some servers will appear, search engine browsing robots.txt file does not exist 200 code, without showing the 400 error, it could lead to a misunderstanding of the search engine. (do you want others to misunderstand you?)


Comrades, I came again, then write the article yesterday (learning notes station optimization structure of Shanghai dragon left (a)) this afternoon particularly tired, every day to computer radiation is very powerful ah, friends pay attention to the body Oh!


nofollow: tell the spider don’t track the.

AB directory, but allowed to crawl AB directory under the CD directory content.

8.meta robots label: this tag is mainly tell the search engines index the content of this page is prohibited, but can follow the links on a page, but also can transfer the weight. Is a little similar with the above nofollow.


and robots.txt do not remember, to lowercase.


Noindex: Tell spiders don’t suoyinben page.

banned all search engines.

format: < domain > >: < < optional space; domain value > < >

7.nofollow tag: written: < a href=" 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/" rel=" nofollow" > < /a> anchor text; simple explanation, this tag is to tell the search engine doesn’t crawl, nor follow hyperlinks, but do not transfer the weight. The tag is used in blog comments, message boards and other places. There are a lot of friends in the local advertising website, Internet advertising aims to improve the exposure rate and click on our website, not necessary for him to do advertisement special treatment.

Don’t let the spider grab

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