On site fast included four puzzle required

On site fast included four puzzle required

URL is the first factor, many websites now pay great attention to the optimization of URL, because it is a search engine to crawl and crawl the page on the web, and this link is the URL address, so if it contains parameters of URL address in the search engine may be difficult to read, especially more parameters, but compared with static URLs have natural advantages, the search engine can easily crawl and crawl, the weights of the same pages, static pages in general often ranking will be more forward, it also shows that the search engine more love URL code page. We must pay attention to this point.




external links. I present 400 phone website, he also designed the ordinary site similar, and not what special place, but the external chain is OK, so the number of spider crawling every day very frequently, it will be in other sites along the link to our website, sometimes really is the second. These sometimes feel very difficult to achieve, but the real reached will be found, spiders have very strong regularity, you grasp the rules, the website will be a good development, but also have a good ranking, can not grasp, it will retreat north south.

finally decided to record.

the speed of the site seems unimportant, but very influence optimization and user experience ". If the web page open speed too slow, the search engine spiders crawling is not too smooth, but also because when spiders crawl send ordinary HTTP requests, ordinary users can not open, the search engines do not smooth. Even if we have the website internal optimization is very good, even if there are some external links, so the speed can cause spider out, so this problem can not be let down. Even at the beginning, our budget in a certain range, also want to ask, how to find, find the credibility of good service, solve even what problems can also fast. Some of the virtual host although very fast, but the problem also many times, so it’s not simply come to judge the host, one of the important factors is stable.

the number of external linksThe number is the priority among priorities

website to be fast included, but fast included for some sites seems to be very difficult, the same conditions, the same means, but the search engine is suck, the cause of this situation is very much, but the most likely is that the IP may be punished, or the site in the study period, this time don’t worry, we must continue to update, increasing external links, Shanghai began to crawl until the love of our station. But in general, for the normal website, still can be improved in terms of speed through certain skills, below respectively elaborated these pieces of puzzle "".

URL optimization in

update frequency

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