The reference amount of the degree of user experience of the website optimization

The reference amount of the degree of user experience of the website optimization

5, is a large number of users to search and direct access to the

3, the viscosity of

4, paiming

user experience is directly influence the website optimization effect. Which refers to the experience of the user behavior, the user experience of the website is higher, the more useful to the user, his behavior will affect the site ranking in a certain extent. Then, the user experience is how to see it?

users pop-up rate, access time, access to the number of pages are in direct response to users for the quality of the website. Waste site, user membership directly leave, pop-up rate is high, indicating the site quality is poorer. Some high quality website allows users to stay for a long time, and access to multiple pages, so the residence time and the number of pages is high, have a positive impact on paiming. The current search engine how to prevent cheating in these user behavior data has yet to be further research.

to do the Shanghai dragon, it would provide a good user experience, as long as the user search engine will be happy, happy, Shanghai dragon in the search engine where the value is also higher, this is to match up!

1, website traffic

has more IP repeatedly landing site, the site shows more loyal users. A user often repeatedly visit the same website, the website has value for the user, it is natural to give the site a better paiming. More and more users to repeatedly visit the same website, more shows that the quality of your web site.

click rate is high, the page more popular. For example, a web site, a page is especially loved by users, the page click rate is much higher than that of other pages, search engines will increase the page paiming.

2, click rate of


some keywords are a large number of users search again, and then directly into specific sites, such as Taobao, so in this case, the search engine users already know that the goal is clear, want to enter Taobao, just don’t remember. It will be used as a bookmark search engine. So will the Taobao website in Taobao keyword paiming the first is no ground for blame. By a large number of users search words and can promote the direct access to the word or words related vocabulary and the paiming, it has been confirmed that a large number of facts.


this is the most direct factor of website user behavior is the most important. The site visits more high, the higher the alexapaiming, indicating the site quality is better, the overall flow of website explains the popularity of the website from a certain extent. Of course, the issues discussed here exclude the flow of the brush.

old users more better

user experience:

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