Wang Qiang Shanghai dragon keyword selection

Wang Qiang Shanghai dragon keyword selection

three, the main keywords to precise positioning range

website keywords must target positioning. Many webmaster there may be a misunderstanding, is the site piled up with a large number of keywords or a large number of irrelevant keywords, keywords from the current Shanghai Longfeng a large stack and irrelevant keywords are unable to get good rankings, and even by no related words to get part of the flow, in fact, this part of the flow is not the target flow, so the value is not high.

The commercial value of

commercial value is very important for the business class website. For example, some keywords in disclosing the demand information, purchase intention, such as "Soybean Milk price", "buy Soybean Milk" etc.. Although these words search volume is relatively small or rarely, but the user’s search intention is clear, so the commercial value is relatively high. Of course, this kind of words should not be taken as the main keywords, usually as a more appropriate long tail keywords.

searchKeywords keyword selectionThere is correlation with the content of the website

website main keywords not too broad. Although the broader keywords have greater search volume and flow rate, but the relative competition is bigger, the cost will be relatively high, and broad user search keywords goal and purpose is relatively fuzzy, natural business value will be lower. Of course, keywords location not too narrow, too narrow, although the competition small keywords ranking but small amount of search or basically no one search that also does not have what effect.


two, the competition is small, the number of

This paper first: Wang Qiang

search number is definitely the best keywords, but for us it is not necessarily the best keywords, those popular search keywords although more traffic, but they basically are those portals or industry to the occupation of the station, you don’t expect one day can be squeezed down from the station search engine first of all, put aside resources do not say, you should also have a long history of it. So try to choose those little competition in a relatively large amount of search keywords, keyword analysis tools, can use the noble baby keywords love Shanghai index and other tools. According to the search times and the degree of competition in a sense of the effectiveness of keywords.

four and key wordsKeywords

The content of

is a website of Shanghai dragon is the purpose of optimizing the target keywords, to get good rankings and the intention of the search traffic, so the target keywords positioning and choice is particularly important. Select the appropriate keywords in Shanghai is one of the most skilled personnel of dragon and Phoenix link, only choose the right the right keywords, directions to guide the site into the Shanghai Longfeng right on. At the same time the location also determines the subsequent work site content planning, the construction of the chain link structure, etc..


, the correlation of

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