The eight core factors that affect the ranking of Shanghai dragon er must know a

The eight core factors that affect the ranking of Shanghai dragon er must know a

spiders never do what you feel about typography, just grab a spider. If our site layout is very messy, full of SWF, does not describe the pictures and flash files, then the spider can’t grab something and how to make a good impression on our website? For a friendly optimization for Shanghai dragon website, home page must be neat layout, clear structure. And home has given a lot of spiders can capture the information, any part of the site of movement will be reflected to the home page, let the spider would eat "".

so what is more comprehensive Shanghai dragon? Here we take a look at these eight factors affect the ranking of the "core", you are caught in a state of their friends can see their lack of contrast what to do. As long as we can put the eight key factors do what ranking can’t go

second, web page layout factors.

made the first half of Shanghai dragon, from one to get some experience now feel very mysterious to the rookie Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon er the walk is not very smooth, also experienced a lot of vain effort, now it seems really is the wrong method. Summary today under the influence of eight core factors of Shanghai dragon, but also to do in Shanghai Longfeng process to remind yourself. We also hope Shanghai dragon predecessors generous with your criticism say wrong, hoping to remind

, the first server space factor.

for Shanghai dragon many novice friends tend to stay in the content and external chain level, in fact, this is far from enough! May we search on the Internet about Shanghai dragon tutorial has "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, but many people take it as the truth. And this also makes some of our friends in Shanghai dragon’s stay in the level of hard chain, hard to update. OK, this just ranking to improve it, but the result is not satisfactory, for the keywords competition small, may do the ranking is also very good, but for some words we often fall into the competition at the state, finally only return to Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Spirit — up to.


third, the content of the website factors.


server in the first place is because the website server is the root of this, leaving excellent space on site optimization. For the choice of space webmaster experience is very rich, the primary consideration is stable, then the most important speed. I want to add here is the region of the server, such as our target visitors in the China and server in the United States, so even if the speed is not slow will also affect the judgment of the search engine on the web, the search engine is the primary consideration is the user, of course are more willing to put the user’s local site on the front. So I want to optimize the competition words server don’t consider the use of foreign.

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