Shanghai whether there is a need to understand the program and network security knowledge

Shanghai whether there is a need to understand the program and network security knowledge

at this time, for the pseudo static page rules specified, such as page parameter setting, if know PHP parameters, understand regular expression of words, will be more effective, and the same technique can also be applied to love Shanghai webmaster "website".

, do not need to be proficient in web design, but should at least know what

but, because of the order instruction efficiency is very low, if slightly more amount of data.

in the optimization process if our main station optimization, you should often encounter some spider pages are ignored, then we can use a lot of effective means to guide the spider, such as the recommendation and recommendation context and so on, get through various links, can let the spider crawling more smoothly. So you can let those submerged pages get indexed by search engines opportunities.

, for example, now a lot of friends love to use some open source CMS or WordPress like open source, because only need to adjust some parameters, change the URL address and edit the column layout and so on, then you can start the station set sail way, this kind of low threshold can let more people have the opportunity to become a webmaster.

however, in the optimization process of Shanghai dragon, often accompanied by the emergence of a variety of situations, such as web page selection, what is the use of static pages and dynamic pages or pseudo static pages? If you use static page, although the installation settings is very simple, but if there is any involving station layout change the situation (such as each page needs to real-time display of the latest articles or recommended), so when updating the page, it is easy to appear the instantaneous state of very busy. At this time if we use pseudo static pages, not only can the whole station real-time update, can let the spider crawling more fluent, but also to the user experience will be better.

recently and friends talk about such a topic, is engaged in the Shanghai dragon need to understand the procedure and network security knowledge, friends believe that daily optimization work has been very tired, if they need to learn this and that, but what is not fine, more likely to end up miscellaneous taste. But I believe that if we do Shanghai dragon, can regard herself as a webmaster, and put some useful knowledge to learn, not only a better understanding of the internal structure of the site, but also for the optimization of the entire station will be beneficial, the following is my personal view:

two database, it is necessary to understand the

, not every web site similarity is too high, we can also recommend in the article, the use of sorting out of order to list the title of the article, rather than the traditional order or reverse, as long as we know how to use the "ORDER BY RAND (SQL)" this sentence, you can easily achieve arbitrary order function.

In addition to The application of

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